The extra kilos…

I am right now 10 kg overweight than my pre- pregnancy weight. I have always been a lean and thin female; however gained around 21 kgs during my pregnancy. So while there were no side effects due to that in my delivery; i am now finding it difficult to loose these extra kilos. Too lazy to exercise; i am not even sure how to get started.

But this weight has to be reduced else i would need a completely new wardrobe for myself- as all as in ALL my clothes are out of fit right now.

Just saw pic of a female who is 41 years old and is in awesome shape. I guess its high time i start working on mine; else it will be too late.

I will add this to my sabbatical checklist and track my weight here every week. regulated eating habits and daily exercise. Need to shed at least 5 kgs by December.

Today- on 25th Aug- Weight= 65 kg (in my home machine)

Will monitor this every week and post updates here.



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