Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts and happenings-

1. My maid is not well for past few days. Since I work from home, I have this female who comes at 8 in the morning and stays till 8 in the evening. Her job is to play with K and keep her occupied, when I am working. So she plays with her toys, plays hide and seek with her, and in general is K’s companion during the day. Though, that is a different matter altogether, that K comes to my desk every 15 minutes to check if mommy is still there, and wants my attention for some time, before I can go back to work. Rather some days, she just refuses to be with the maid, and would hover around me. I just keep my work aside and spend time with her. This results in me working after she has gone to sleep at night, so that next day I have lighter work load and I can be around her during day time. Thanks to the fact, that this job is not very high pressure, and I am mildly burdened most days.

However, since the day maid is on leave, K has made it impossible for me to work. She is so use to playing with someone, that the moment I sit to work, she would bring all her toys and books one by one to me and ask me to play with her. Unfortunately, an audit came up this week, and I had a crazy time at work. Husband was travelling, so that was an added disadvantage. Anyhow, I realised that I shouted on K a number of times this past week, and repented later, but very difficult to maintain sanity when personal and professional pressures mount together.

Thank God husband is back today, and maid would be back on Monday, so I can look forward to a better week.

2. These days I have a crush on Arnab Goswami!! Yes, you read it correctly..:P He is so hilarious, he makes me laugh every time I watch the news hour. He is just so entertaining. He makes those debate sessions so much fun. He would shout, scream, insult people, dominate ALL debates, put people on mute when they do not stop even after his multiple warnings, pass his judgement on all and sundry, just rip those apart whose point of view he does not agree to..I mean he is such an interesting character!!

After a tiring day at work, listening to his program for an hour can be such a mood lifter! The more frivolous the issue, the more entertaining it is. The other day he had called some people to debate on the issue around Sania Mirza being the brand ambassador of Seemandra/ Telangana…man, it was laugh riot!! Arnab was at his dramatic best. I was literally rofl!! Hilarious is the word!! Some guy called Prem Shukla who has a weird voice and a weirder accent would just not stop…he was giving some lame arguments, which Arnab of course could not tolerate. Our dear anchor, just lost it that day. He looked so hurt that with his decibel levels touching 0 one moment and a million the next, I was afraid he would collapse there on the table listening to the idiot that Shukla guy was. It was better than any saas bahu drama.

These days I listen to him for at least half an hour every day…:D

3. I changed my blog theme today. I am always confused between these two things- sticking to one theme forever, or experimenting with a new one every once in a while. The first one gives the blog a sense of stability and maturity; however personally I like my blog theme changed every 2-3 months as I get quite bored of the same header and background after some time. So I listened to my heart today, and changed the theme. I am really liking this one. I plan to modify the header image after some days, if I get a better picture than this one.

4. These days I am experiencing a difficult time reading books. We have so many books lying unread, but I do not feel like picking even a single one of them . The only genre which interests me these days is humour. I finished reading Karachi- You are Killing Me– few days back. It was a humorous pacey novel by a Pakistani writer. However, somehow I am not being able to locate many humour writings off late. I searched in a few book reviews but nothing caught my fancy. Pls do recommend some good books- light reads mainly, if you happen to land here.

5. I bought Rakhi for my brother few days back. I thought I will send it by courier. However, today I realised that the festival is after two days and the Rakhi is still lying in my drawer. So, as a last minute act, I ordered an online Rakhi for him. Its basically an order for a Kaju Katli ka dabba, which if delivered on Rakhsbandhan would be accompanied by a free Rakhi!! yes…so hopefully, my Rakhi will reach bro on time..

6. Janamashthami is on the 18th of Aug. This time I am planning to dress up K for the festival. Last time, we did not even go to visit any temple of jhanki, since K was hardly 5 months, and we did not want to visit any crowded place with her, due to fear of infection. But this time my sister would be here, and I am hoping we can at least have some fun! Though I have an audit submission on the 19th, but still..lets see..

7. Sister is coming to India on the 13th. She is expecting and her delivery is due in Feb next year. She is not keeping very well, so has decided to come to India to stay with mum for sometime. She will spend around 10 days here with me before heading home. Just now she sent me this pic. This would be K’s first doll, and I am so excited…:)

She would be thrilled to have it!!



the title and me!

Why this title??

Like any  most other girls, i am fond of clothes and shoes. But i have a particular liking towards skirts; in ALL colors and shapes..:) Though i do not claim to be owner of many of them; they still form a good percentage of my wardrobe. Be it the frilly flowing party wears, or the short ones with a lot of gather or the formal pencil skirts; i love them all!! I find skirts one of the most comfortable outfits we have. And the second women wear which i find very interesting is a dupatta. I have a very strong liking towards dupattas too, i love the way a beautiful well chosen dupatta can actually add a lot of weight to an otherwise plain jane salwar kameez. I have a good collection of dupattas and i am yet to find a teaming salwar kameez for them…i love the heavy embroidered phulkari dupattas, the Lucknow style chicken dupattas..even the Fab India cotton and silk ones (which i find overly priced though!!)….

And so the name of this blog….this would be the ME uncut; my thoughts uninhibited and my desires straight from the heart..:)

Life these days

On the up side, i am expecting a job offer this week, not sure how things would turn out, but as of now things look good. I have been looking for a chnage for past 2+ years now; very actively since past one year. If everything goes well; this would be a real good thing happening at the professional front after a real long time.

On the flip side, things are getting worse at the personal end. My dear sister, whoch is almost 27, changed job in Feb this year. She is a smart good looking female and was working in a BPO kind of set up till now. Everything was ok except for the job timings, and when it started taking a toll on her health, she decided to chnage and took up this less paying job, where she is expected to work as a BD executive. We all were happy for her, as she had finally found some direction in her career. However, happiness was quite shortlived as within 20 days of joining she declared (to me) that she is very fond of this guy at work, who is also from our community (but a lower caste) and blah blah. Blah Blah..because, i thought that this is just a passing thing and she is not serious about it. I would like to mention here, that personally i do not believe in caste and creed when it comes to marriage, but unfortunately my father does. He is someone from a very orthodox background when it comes to marriage of his daughters. In March, sister dear went home and declared to parents, that he is the guy she intends to marry!!

No amount of convincing would affect her decision, as i had  a primary concern that the decision had been taken within a month of meeting a guy in office and i am not very sure if the concepot of marriage is very clear in her mind. Father has the caste concern and knowing him and having multiple discusions with him i am convinced that it is not possible to buy him into this.  Sister stays with me, she is hell bent to marry this guy. Father, does not keep a good health, he has suffered depression in past, and is definitely not keeping well these days. Mum is the one who suffers because of all this as dad is very difficult to handle and would not act very mature when it comes to understanding that mum can have different views than his.

I love my dad, i know how much he loves the three of us, and the sacrifices he has made for us. (Would write a separate post on why i am specifying on this. I know all parents love their children and sacrifice for them). More than that mum has not had a vaery easy life. Now at 53, after having her elder daughter married off, when she was looking for a happier old age, sister has suddenly started this stirr in the family where all she is worried about is her well being. She hardly calls my parents these days, and behaves as if they are her biggest enemies, who do not want her to be happy.

I am all for love marriages; but shouldn’t one consider the well being of all stakeholders in such a major decision of life.  These days it is difficult to believe that this is the same sister, who was always so concerned about mum dad.

Overall, one thing i realize, the older you become, life seizes to be easy.