We celebrated Kavya’s birthday at my parents’ place this time. We stay in an independent house in Gurgaon. Her 2nd birthday last year was quite a boring affair for the kid as all kids we knew were either older to her or too young than her; and everyone had come with their parents. So it was more of a gathering for parents than kids. Also, I made a wrong choice of cake- a photo cake with Chota Bheem, and it turned out so dull that I decided never to order a photo cake ever in my life.

This year Kavya’s spring break started from 19th March. I was planning to celebrate her birthday in Gurgaon and then leave for my parents’ place the next day. However, when I started making the guest list, I realized that the scene would almost be similar to last year’s. She still does not have many kids her age in the colony (the ones that are there, I hardly know them), and the other option of calling all her school friends was beyond budget (for reasons I will elaborate some other time).

So I had this brainwave, of celebrating the third birthday at my parents place. Husband also found it ok, and we came to my hometown on the 19th to celebrate the birthday here on 20th. This colony has around 25 kids who may not be same age as Kavya but are in that good age group- where they make birthday parties fun. I had seen their gathering at the Navratri Kanya Poojan in the past, and was sure that Kavya would enjoy having so many kids for her birthday.

We celebrated her simple yet fun birthday party here, with a not so good looking but nevertheless tasty Tweety cake, and some basic snacks. The kids were a riot, as they came laden with birthday presents that reminded me of my own childhood, when a tiffin box/ pencil box were the favorite gifts to carry…J

Kavya had lots of fun getting all the attention. Husband played some games with the kids, and then we proceeded to cake cutting followed by snacks. Kavya very confidently blew the candle and also cut the cake without any help from me. She looked quite delighted. She was heard telling other kids- “Aaj tumhara Birthday nahi hai..mera birthday hai!!”

However, I was not aware that snacks here mean, that kids await their return gifts and then rush back home!! So after snack time, they started demanding their return gifts which were small goody bags. The moment I distributed those, the bachcha party disappeared!! I was amazed..:D  I literally had to run behind some to make them pose for a group photo…J

Anyway, overall it turned out a fun birthday party for Kavya.

She had asked for a Mickey Mouse cake for her birthday celebrations at school. Actually I had pestered her for months asking which two cakes she would want for her birthday. I gave her a couple of options, and she chose Tweety and a Fairy cake. Since she does not watch any cartoons, she is not acquainted with any characters in particular. I guess she liked these two names and decided. However, just before her birthday there was another birthday in school and she saw a Minnie Mouse cake. So the fairy cake was replaced by a Minnie Mouse cake. I played smart and instead of going for a full-fledged cake in shape of Minnie Mouse, I ordered a simple gems chocolate cake with a Minnie figurine on top..:) She enjoyed the cake and later the toy!

This year I plan to buy a cycle for her. I bought a tricycle for her when she was not even 2. But she hardly rode it. Even now I am not sure if she would be interested in riding one. In the park she tries to explore other children’s cycles, but if she would show any interest in her own cycle is not very clear to me. Anyway, I think I will still buy one for her…J

Also, this post is not complete without a mention of her lovely yellow frock which I bought from I discovered this site before her first birthday, and this was the third time in a row that I got her birthday dress from here. They have a lovely collection, prices slightly on the higher side, but amazing stuff.

Here is the picture in which I could manage to have less than half of the total junta:



K’s Update

Ha! K is growing very fast!!

Everyday she learns a new word. It sometimes surprises me the extent to which she observes stuff!

She now knows the pooja place and always says “Jay” when we are near the pooja. Today we were standing at a momo stall, and the guy there had lit up a fragrant dhoop. She started doing Jay ..Jay..I was kinda surprised because she was not addressing anyone. Usually, she also says Jay while greeting people, when asked to. Then I noticed that she was looking at the dhoop and saying Jay…Jay..! She has seen a dhoop lit at my MIL’s pooja place. The little brain did the association and I was very surprised. Kids observe a lot; more than we think they do!!

She has also started showing interest in her books. I got her few picture books some months back. She never paid any attention to them, neither did I try to push her. Off late on her own, she has started spending time with these books. She opens them, looks at the pictures, browse through every page and usually spends around 10 – 15 minutes with them at a go! I am very happy..:) She also knows, which book is the waar (flower) book, which one has dojjy (doggy), which one has bhiyya (bhaiiya) and which one has diddi…:)

Certain traits of her personality are also becoming prominent now. She has started throwing tantrums (which I seriously do not know how to handle!!). She has this songs on demand program running through out the day. When she says..eeyaaeeyaa oo…she expects us to either play the rhyme or sing it, then mid way she starts singing peepeepeepee…and we are expected to switch to..”Raamlaal bhaiyya baaja bajaata”…when bored she starts..ha ha ha…and we are expected to start singing Johny Johny Yes papa..:D and this cycle is repeated at least once every hour. Her favorite one is eeyaeeyaooo though!

She looks at her picture on the wall and says..Kava..(her pronunciation of her name)…sometimes it becomes Kavaji..(my MIL taught her, her name with a ji). She has started recognizing all small boys as Bhiyaaa..and girls as diddi…Surprisingly, she identifies maids and calls them all auty! I am yet to make out how she is able to identify even our neighbor’s maid as Auty! Only maids are Auty for her, she never uses auty for any other female. Kids are intelligent!

She has learnt to descend from a bed/ sofa. Though has not yet started climbing. Today infact she got on to her rocker cum chair on her own and was supremely delighted after hopping on. She gave a broad smile to me after conquering the chair…a two teeth smile..:)

All in all, she is a total entertainment package these days. She is growing up very fast. I am thankful to God, that I have been able to experience all these precious moments of her growing up! God has been kind.

K Updates- Turning One (Part 1)

This is an updates post on K. I have been wanting to write regularly on K’s progress and developmental milestones. However, somehow the posts are not happening. Let me see if I can capture her latest antics and milestones here..:)

1. K is walking and walking like a pro now. During the past 15 days or so, he balance has improved many times and now she walks a much balanced walk..:) All the time that she is awake she is walking. Continuously. She does not stay even in my god for more than few minutes. She just wants to get down and roam around. Good part is by the time it is 7 pm, she is dead tired, and easier for me to put her to bed…:)

2. She has started speaking quite a few words. From saying ma and papa…now she repeats almost everything what we say. The other day my SIL said- touchwood, and K casually repeated it..:) It was so sweet. She refers to her picture o the wall and says Babii…:) She says naana, naani, daada, daadi, bua, aunty…and calls me bhabhi..when my maid calls me out.

My SIL taught her one day- to say Main Hoon, when asked- K kaun hai? mwe were utterly surprised when she repeated after her..”Main hooo..”…it was so lovely. Now she keeps saying “Mai hoo..Main hooo…”just like that.

She says paayi..paayi…referring to water. Good part is that now she asks for water when thirsty. Today after getting tired in the park- she came to me and started saying ..paayi…paayi..This is a great thing. Finally being able to communicate..:)

3. She loves to dance and she loves people watching her dance. Whenever i play music at home, she starts doing her pet steps and her favourite song is Gandi Baat..:)

On 9th March we celebrated her Hindi Tithi birthday. there was a small pooja at home followed by lunch for some close relatives. Husband’s uncles and aunts had come. K was dressed in a pretty lehnga brought by her daadi from Gujrat. Everyone was pampering her and the moment they started singing songs, K just started dancing in front of some 15 people..not only that, she would not leave the room and wait for everyone to sing another song so that she could dance. I so love it when she does that. Her un- inhibited attitude, her gregariousness…i so wish that she stays like this forever..:)

4.  I have tried to keep her TV free all this while. Only time that we switch on TV is on weekends when husband wants to watch it. the whole day I either keep her busy with her toys, or songs or something else. But do not switch on the TV at all. I hope I can continue this for few more years. Tough, but not undoable.

5. She is also now comfortable sitting in her car seat. We bought a car seat in December. initially, she would cry, but now she knows that thats her place in the car and happily slips into it. infact when I am driving with her in the car seat, she happily looks outside and keeps making noises. That is one good habit and i am happy about it…:)

..this post will continue….

cheers, D

And our baby is walking now

K has crossed the most awaited milestone. Yes, she has started walking. And I am a delighted mommy. She started trying to stand without support in November only. Then December onwards her agenda was to master the art of standing without support. Towards beginning of January she was able to stand without support for considerable amount of time like- few minutes altogether. She also started taking her first steps somewhere around January beginning only. However, since it was very cold here, we were not leaving her on the floor for long duration. She was either in the bed or in her crib. Once the cold wave started withering, i started placing her on a mat for like an hour or two in a day. Slowly the steps increased to two- three and now since Feb beginning, she has started walking quite properly. She follows me from the living room to the kitchen, to other rooms and looks very pretty while walking. of all the milestones she crossed till now, this one has been the most amazing. It feels so good to see her take those baby steps…i feel blessed…:)

I noticed that actually she did not crawl at all. Since the time she started moving, she would crawl only if very necessary. Else, she would just try practicing to stand firmly on her legs without support. Infact she did not even move much with support. After sitting, she learnt the art of crawling, this was somewhere in November beginning,  and since mid November the practice to stand independently started.

However, with the moving bit, the job to ensure that she is safe and not venturing into unsafe territory has become even more difficult. I have to keep a constant eye on her activities all throughout the day….so yes, all my time is going there and hence no posts here…you see…:)

We have taken a lot of videos of her and that reminds me that I have to save all of them in the hard disk as well.

Thanks for reading and do comment if you happen to pass by..


K’s updates and some more

There are many things floating in my head which i wanted to jot down here, but none is surfacing right now, when i have finally managed to find some time after almost 3 weeks. So i will just bullet the highlights from the gone weeks to keep the posts going…:)

1. First thing first…i got these pretty pink crib bumpers and sheet for K.

IMG-20131011-WA0010decorating babies’nursery is so much fun…:) the bumper protects her head from banging against the crib fence. I ordered it from babyoye yesterday night and it was delivered today morning.  Great service.

I wanted to click a better picture, but for that i will have to wait till tomorrow as K is sleeping in the crib right now; and i cannot wait till tomorrow to finish this post!! Overall, i am very happy with this pinkness of the crib..:)

2. Last week was a terrible one at our household from health perspective. Husband fell sick with viral and was on leave for close to 5 days and K too got stomach infection!! To add to this my maid caught viral and went on two days leave!! There is nothing worse than a sick baby..:( K wanted to cling to me ALL the time…the moment i disappeared from her sight…she would just start howling…and there is nothing worse than a child crying…:(  Since husband was also unwell; i could not seek his help in any work and all the household and external work fell on my already aching shoulders…Thankfully things are better now. touch wood!

3. K is now ganju K..:D yes, I got her mundan done yesterday. She had these lovely curly hair (or semi curly i must say), but they had become too long for the little baby and more so for her mommy to manage. So i decided to chomp them off completely and got this job finished during these auspicious Navratri days. She looks cuter than i had expected. I was actually expecting a complete disaster. However, her new look is quite cute…:) Also, i plan to buy her a anaarkali for this diwali. I am not very sure how her ganju style go with a traditional dress…but i am all set to experiment. Afterall, i have only 3-4 more years left to exercise my choice on my baby before she sharts choosing her own clothes and accessories!!

4. Phew!! the above part was written on 11th Oct, and i could not finish it that day.  We had a good weekend with family at Husband’s cousin’s place. K was super thrilled and excited the whole time as she was loving being surrounded by so many people. That ways i guess i am lucky. She is not a cranky child. She enjoys having people around and keeps displaying her toothless smile all the time.

5. On the milestone front- she has finally started moving forwards!! She is in her 7th month now and on 5th Oct, she moved forward towards her milk bottle on her own. What a delight it was to see that…:) I was actually very happy, because it was after long …almost after 1.5- 2 months that she showed any major physical development. Now she is a pro at it and rushes towards anything she likes, like light!!

She has also started to balance herself while sitting for a few seconds. I think in another month or so she should start sitting on her own. That would be a real development. Also, my little baby has started saying ma-ma-ma-ma…:) This is her distress call. Whenever she is in trouble…like wanting to sleep, wanting to be held etc…she starts her ma-ma-ma-ma…its such a delight to hear that..:)

She has also started saying pa-pa-pa-pa…this she does randomly…whenever she wants…:) I was wondering that she does not know the meaning of these words/ blabber right now. So how come the first legible sound they make is mama and papa. Then i tried to read the tongue movement and noticed that it would be same for other words also, like..bha-bha…ba-ba..etc….however she or for that matter other kids also say ma and pa as their first so called words…this is amazing…:)

6. She was unwell in the first week of this month and wanted to have me around all the time. Since then, she has started craving for my presence most of the time. She gives a huge smile whenever i appear after few minutes from other room etc…if she is crying ..sometimes all she wants is to sit in my lap and she will be all happy and satisfied. basically i get a feeling that she is fascinated by me.,….:) I am the center of her universe right now. And feels great. Great as in GREAT!!! Never ever in my life have i felt to needed and so important. I feel like queen mommy sometimes…:D I feel overwhelmed…i know it will not last forever, but I am enjoying it to the fullest till it lasts. Now i understand the feelings behind the long long posts mommy blogger dedicated to their babies..:) Its really an amazing experience being a  mother..:)

7. We have decided to change K’s name. Actually, in our family the naming ceremony is on the tenth day of birth. Husband and i were not able to zero in one a name till then. Actually, like many other things we were vetoing each others suggestions all the time about names and hence had no name on her naamkaran day. My FIL suggested a nice but very old fashioned name which husband liked and i guess i decided to like. From then on, whenever we were asked her name, it was invariably followed by various forms of the folloiwng -” Why have you named her this??””..sometimes politely, sometimes outright rude, sometimes confused, depending on our closeness with the said people and their inherent attitude.

Anyway, we are not the ones who would get deterred by all this, but what we realize was that none of us, that is husband and I would call her by that name.  I was calling her “chunnu”all the time and he – gappu, bundle, gutki..depending on his mood.  After some discussion we realized that basically, even we both are not very happy with this name, hence still time that we change it.  Therefore, we went back to the basics, and are planning to name her from among the following- Anahita, Abhisarika or Anasuya. The last being my first choice before even she was born (It means the one who is not jealous; also the name of wife of sage Atri). However, I will still call her K on this blog, in memory of her much controversial name…:D

That’s from my end for..:) Cheers…

And we are six today….:)

K turns six months old today. The little chinese looking baby we brought home on 23rd March is six months old in this world. They say time flies, and surely it does. Infact i still remember last year this time i was still in my first trimester getting nausea ate the very mention of any eatable, praying every moment that everything this time goes smooth. And here we are today with K with us all happy and healthy…touch wood..:)

The journey of motherhood so far has been a mixed bag of emotions. From feeling frustrated to the post- delivery depression, to struggles with breastfeeding and the disappointment that followed, to sleepless nights and tiring days…we are finally at a relatively stable stage. Team mommy and K are comfortable and have finally formed that unique bond of understanding and love….we know each other much better now and are confident of sailing through this journey with aplomb!

K is a relatively happy baby. When well fed and slept, she generally smiles through out the day, enjoys eating her foot thumb and licking away anything and everything she can lay her hands on. I love the small habits she has formed…like sleeping only when the lights are switched off. She takes it as an indication of going off to bed, and generally her activity levels go down drastically when the room is made dark. I love the was she has made herself comfortable with her bathing tub. She now knows that this is a daily activity and tries her best to explore the bath tub by jumping off the slide and licking away the mug whenever possible…

She also tries to hold her bottle and opens her mouth every time I open her vitamin D bottle…:) She tries to pull my chain and hair whenever possible and wants to jump off my lap in an attempt to sit every now and then. Infact now she has also started understanding my moods a bit. When i make an angry face and frown my brows, the little being would become serious and look into my eyes with a very pleading look…and if the frown does not changes in few seconds she starts smiling in an attempt to pacify me…:)

K is growing every passing day and i am loving being around her to watch all her antics!

All I want to tell my baby today is that we love you, love you more than anybody and anything else in this world.  We promise you that all our efforts now on will be to create a home for you which you will always love as the best place on earth. A place you would like to come back to no matter wherever in the world you are. A place full of love and understanding, a place where you can be yourself, a place where you would be loved unconditionally. A place which is happy most of the times and striving to be cheerful and happy at others…:)

There are many many other things which i would want to tell you as we cross more such milestones, but always remember that no matter what and how we say, there is always one feeling at the bottom of everything else, and that is that mommy and daddy do not have anything or anybody more important that you in their lives…and that they love you…:)

Keep smiling ….always!