This birthday I got myself gifted a Kindle. My reading had considerably gone down in past two years. I somehow lost all interest in reading any books and just like writer’s block, I had reached a reader’s block. This block lasted too long, as I must have hardly read 5-6 books in the last 2 years. I just did not feel like picking up anything. I would open our book shelf and take out some titles, but either would not read them at all, or leave them mid-way. Infact so much was the aversion to books that I did not even feel like browsing internet for new titles. Though husband at home keeps reading books all the time and the fact that he is already a proud owner of a Kindle, also did not help much.

Then few months ago I realized that I need to revive my reading habit. I immediately decided that since I am showing no interest in going near the hard copies of any books, I need to try this beautiful device called Kindle. I had earlier read a couple of books on husband’s Kindle and found the experience quite good. So I decided to gift myself a Kindle this year. It was duly ordered before the birthday and surprisingly arrived well in time, so that I had my new device with a beautiful cover on my birthday.

I have read quite a bit about other people’s experiences of this device and how it fetched vis-s-vis a hard copy books, and people had mixed things to say. Infact before I bought one myself, I use to think that Kindle is just books in soft copy format. However, now that I have had the device for almost a month, I think I am in a position to share my experience of using it.

I am really finding it very -very useful. It is so much more than just soft copies of books. The functionalities that the device offers are so many. To name a few:

  1. I really like the fact that you can order the book online and it is delivered immediately. No need to wait for the hard copy to be delivered, when you actually want to pick up the right away and read. So yes, instant gratification is one major factor why I am already a fan of Kindle.
  2. The fact that I can read sample chapters before ordering a book. Though I could do this in a book store also, but then nothing like the convenience of sitting in your living room and going through as many sample chapters as you want!
  3. Another major factor is that it gives you suggestions based on your choices. I simple love this feature. I am not very good at surfing books. As in when I go to a book store, I generally hover around my favorite section- Indian Fiction, and try picking up the interesting titles. That is one reason I get absolutely confused when I go to reader’s heaven like a book fair. Therefore, when Kindle gives suggestions based on books I have already read, it becomes so easy to surf for relevant titles.
  4. We have a huge house, but absolutely limited storage space. One side of our bed-box is full of books and there is one book rack which houses the remaining books. Other than this there are many books which are shifted from one temporary place to another as per convenience. Having a Kindle has solved this practical problem of finding space for new books. No we can have as many books as we want without having to worry about space.
  5. Price- Yes! A great plus point- most Kindle editions are cheaper as compared to their hard copy versions.
  6. The Kindle Unlimited feature- I have become a paid member- and have actually found quite a few interesting titles under this.
  7. The dictionary feature is also a very useful thing. Not that I am very prompt at looking for meaning of new words while reading a book, I generally try to guess the meaning in the context, but now I actually stop and look for meaning of new words.
  8. Easy to carry, and I can read multiple books at one time. Small features like the book opens at the same page where left- all these make reading so much more pleasure.

I am sure I am yet to discover many things as I use it more, but based on my experience till now, it’s a wonderful device for book lovers. And no, I am not missing reading the hard copy books yet. Husband says that it will happen at some point, but as of now no. I am thoroughly enjoying my new device. The fact that I have already read the following books in the last one month says it all:

  1. The Making of Exile: Sindhi Hindus and the Partition of India
  2. It Happens for a Reason
  3. Amritsar: Mrs Gandhi’s Last Battle
  4. The Girl I Last Loved
  5. Why Men and Women Can’t Be Friends
  6. Why We Love the Way We Do
  7. Climbing the Mango Trees: A Memoir of Childhood in India- Currently Reading

I want to do a book review of the books in bold above.

So far so good. I plan to read at least 50 books by end of this year. Hopefully I will be able to maintain this momentum and finish my target.


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