I suck at packing. It is something which induces major anxiety in an already anxious person like me. Whenever we have to travel, I spent almost a complete day doing packing. I am always so confused about what to pack and what not, that I end up keeping more stuff that I actually need, resulting in huge suitcases or multiple bags for just a couple of days of vacation/ travel. I make a list of things I need to carry, so my list has heads like clothes, toiletries, footwear, medicines, electronics, Kavya’s diapers (thankfully no more needed now) etc. Now some of this stuff is pretty simple to pack- like medicines. However, it’s the heads like clothes, and Kavya’s things that baffle me like nothing. Even when I go by occasions and days and try calculating the total number of clothes to keep, I always end up packing more clothes than needed. Since the time I had K, I have been packing almost all of her seasonal clothes, if I am going to stay out of station for more than 5 days. I keep everything, in the fear that she may run short of clothes and then I will be in trouble. After K came into picture, this confusion and anxiety has only increased. What toys are enough to keep her occupied during the journey and at the said place? Her medicine box almost goes everywhere in full entirety. What shoes to keep for her…O my God! The list is endless. Thankfully, both of us do not own too many footwear, so the choice is limited in this department. It’s the clothes usually which create a mayhem. Other than what to keep, there is also a huge lack of planning on my part I feel. When I initiate packing, I do not have a plan in my head. So it takes me twice the amount of time than should be actually needed. I make so many rounds of the various rooms to collect stuff, that I am almost dead tired by the end of it. This lack of plan also creates anxiety. If it’s packing for winters- then God only help me. Woollens confuse me. What sweater/ jacket to wear with which piece of clothing, is a question I am yet to find answer to. So I feel like keeping all my jackets and sweaters, this multiplies the luggage. Add to it K’s winter wear- and I am drowned in packing anxiety!

I am so scared that I may need the only item I miss packing. I find it extremely inconvenient to buy anything in a new place. Even if I am going to a proper city with all facilities and staying close to a super market- I just find it extremely wasteful to buy something just for those few days, just because I forgot to carry it.

As I said I have tried making lists etc., but it only solves the problem partially. I am still over packing and wasting too much time.

This time however, I approached the problem from the other end. When I was packing for a trip to my parents’ place in March- I just allocated 2 hours for packing. I decided that I will pack whatever I can think of in those 2 hours. I noted down the major things I had in kind on our white board. And then kept ticking them off, creating separate entries for whatever was pending in each head. Like- in Toiletries- brush etc. This did help to a certain extent. I realized that I had packed almost all essentials, and I had avoided taking headache for the whole day. I just did everything mechanically. I was happy that I could save time. When I speak to other people, they are so relaxed about this whole thing. I know of friends who are not only very smart at packing but also take very little time. But, then I am not cool like them in many other things also. And as I write this I realize that like many other things, this is something I need to search on Google. May be I will get many options on how to be a smart packer. Let me add this to my goals now. I need to learn the art of packing smartly, by my next trip. And that reminds me, that I need to take a stock of my goals made at the beginning of the year. Let me do that in one of the upcoming post.


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