I read Sayesha’s blog, and picked up the title from there. This is my 2nd post of the day as I want to be on track in the marathon. Off late I have realized that I feel much older than say I did a couple of years back. I mean older than my age. Not boring or old old, but a lot grown up. This time I went to my school when I had visited my parents. There was a recent development, the principal of the school is now a guy who was my batch-mate! He is the nephew of our old principal, and as part of family “business” has taken over the school now. It was great meeting him, but felt really weird. It seemed as if we studied in the school like some centuries back. It was result day and all teachers were there, but I hardly knew a handful of them. Most teachers from our time had retired and there were all new faces around. My mother also teaches in the same school and is about to retire in 2019. When I saw the school magazine, it felt so nostalgic. That magazine had carried a lot of my articles at one time…J After leaving school, for many years my mom’s students would come home for tuitions etc., and most of them would know me, as I was few batches senior to them. Now, when kids come, they obviously have no idea who we are- my siblings and I. It feels really old, that we are not even relevant any more. Generations have passed since we left school!

Like, when I see pictures of some of my teachers now- many of them got married when we were in school, and now their kids are studying in professional colleges.  People my age in the colony, are all parents now with kids much older than mine. And then when I listen to 90’s songs, O my God!, it just feels like yesterday when I was going crazy over the DDLJ album, and last year it celebrated 20 years. Someone rightly said that time flies fast. I am already approaching mid- thirties. There are a couple of observations I have made off late regarding age and getting old. Let me share them here:

  1. I have realized that age had nothing to do with your aspirations in life. Or to put it differently, the heart does not age as fast as body. In my heart I still feel 20. No, I am not saying- I still like partying every weekend, or getting drunk etc. But the need to have fun, to enjoy life, to celebrate- that does not come down with age. I have started empathizing with old people a lot more. You still want good things in life, no matter what your age. And I can understand what really old people must feel like- when we assume they have no aspirations or need for fun or they just need to pass their time now. Worst, when we burden them with responsibility of raising our kids, or things like that. We assume, they are done with all fun in life. No, the heart is never done.
  2. I have realized that the only thing that will go with till the end is your health. HEALTH. The most important thing you own and should value. It must be taken very good care of. PERIOD.
  3. My attitude towards parents. This is one thing I am hating most about growing old- that parents are growing older. I guess this is the most I have valued them by far. Till mid-twenties, they were providers and the thought that they would also grow old never crossed my mind. But as my father approaches 70, and my mum 60, I am much more concerned about their health and well-being now. I want to spend as much time I can with them. I have never cherished time spent with them more.
  4. Another very important thing I am realizing now is that- even my time is limited. I mean I had dreams of becoming something, doing a lot of stuff. I realize that if I actually do not start working on those dreams now- it would actually be too late. I may die as a pile of regrets. And that is a big motivation. I have started working on things that really make me happy. I will do a separate post on that later, but now I truly want my each day to count.
  5. Since Kavya turned three and is growing independent, I realize, that spending time with kids is so important. In few years’ time, she will need me much much less than now, and I will miss this. So spending more and more time with her is my biggest priority.
  6. Looking good. I did not want to mention this here, but then why not? I realize, that the “youth” part is slowly going to fade. The downhill journey has already started, but few years left before the lines actually start showing up. I want to pay as much attention to my dressing as possible. I have been a lazy dresser all my life, but I want to change that now. I have joined the #100sareepact (More about that later), and through that I am trying to work on my dressing. I just wish that this effort stays on.
  7. The last and the most important- taking control. I have realized that life is too short to be spent on negative things. So cutting all the negativity should be one prime objective. I only want to be surrounded by people who are genuine and who care. Rest are all noise, and need to be cut out from life. Be it work, family, friends- there should only be space for those who add something positive.

I plan to write more posts on the last point in the coming days. Now I am off to bed. It’s been a tiring week, and more work awaits tomorrow!


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