Morning Walk

Since last year March, I had not been keeping very good health. I would catch throat infection almost every month. Then in July, I started having headaches. I had never experienced headaches in my life, so I was a bit surprised. I went to doctors and after spending a bomb on MRI and consultation fee, I was told that I have migraine. The headache subsided after some medicines, but would come back again in few days. It has been on and off since then. Then, I got acidity and heartburn. Again a new for me. In Jan, a small growth on my neck got puss. It started hurting. And this was followed by a muscle injury in right hand, which prevented me from driving for almost 2 months. Almost every 2nd day I was in the hospital for consultation, and was paying really high amount in medical expenses. When this acidity issue happened in Feb, I decided to go for a complete health checkup, which again costed quite some amount. I was kind of frustrated with so many hospital visits. More than Kavya’s vaccinations and doctor’s fee, it was I who was giving away way too much money to hospitals.

When the acidity issue did not subside, I went to see a gastrologist.  I just googled for some good gastrologist and found his name. In Gurgaon Gurugram, I generally prefer going to Fortis for OPD consultation. In the past couple of years, they have poached all good doctors from other hospitals and have a good team of doctors in almost every department. He was Dr Pawan Rawal. There were a couple of positive reviews, so I was confident that he would be OK.

That day I had two appointments in Fortis. One with a surgeon for the cyst on the neck, and the other with Dr Rawal. The surgeon asked me to come after two days for a small surgical process through which she planned to remove the cyst. It was a Sebaceous cyst. Then I went to see the gastro doc. The nurse made me sit in his room, while he was yet to come. After some time the Dr came in. The moment he entered the room, I could sense positivity. A tall, lean man with a really warm smile, and high energy. He sat down to write my history- and I started explaining my symptoms.

He listened to me patiently, and then he asked two questions. Do you do any physical activity? And, are you easy going/ bindaas types? Or take too much load?

Both my answers were negative. I lead a totally sedentary lifestyle, and I am a very anxious person, who takes load of anything and everything under the sun. He started smiling, and said, it is because of you people that this hospital is making money…:)

He examined me, and suggested that I immediately change my lifestyle. At least 45 min of walking everyday, and secondly, be bindaas (he actually wrote that on my prescription!).

His way of talking was so comforting, that I immediately felt as if some load had had been taken off my head. What he said was pretty simple, but the way he approached the whole thing made me feel good immediately. I really liked this doctor, and would recommend him to people in Gurugram..:)

I had been told to increase my physical activity earlier too, but this time I knew I would do something about it. While leaving the hospital, I was determined, that I am going to make these small changes in my lifestyle. I had spent too much time being lazy. Now, it had started affecting me both physically and financially. Never had I felt so bad about shelling out so much money to hospitals at such frequent intervals.

Dr Rawal had given me medicines for 10 days and he asked me to come back if acidity and heartburn persisted. I started going for a morning walk from the next day onwards. This was the second time I was doing it in my entire life. I had tried doing it earlier in 2012, but then I conceived Kavya, and all walking stopped. I already had jogging shoes, and I started my morning walk from the next day. This was in Feb end I think. I have been going regularly since then (almost), and believe me my acidity has just vanished. I did not even have to visit the doctor again. Though I do not walk for the full 45 min, but still I try to make it at least half an hour. DO I see any other physical change like weight loss etc? NO. But still I am very happy. There is a satisfaction for being able to follow a healthy routine, and that gives a lot of happiness. It is a confidence booster to know that I can keep promises made to myself.

I slowly plan to increase my time from 30- 45 min. And also follow this up with a small yoga session. Something to keep my mind calm. This is something which is on my to-do list now. I will blog about it once I have started and settled in it for good.


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