I have chosen this topic so that I can document some of Kavya’s recent antics here. Till now I have always refrained from giving toffees or chocolates to Kavya. Once in a while was ok, but I never encouraged her to have any. When she turned around 2, we also made a story around how a monkey eats too many chocolates and ends up at a dentist. Since she is generally a good kid, she never demanded too many of them. However, her recent visit to her Nanaji’s place changed things a bit. As part of the regular pampering she got to eat toffees, and that caught her fancy. Now, she demands toffees almost every day. And how she eats them, she keeps the toffee in her hand and keeps licking it till it becomes too tiny. Then also, she has to be forced to put the remains in her mouth and finish. So day before yesterday, she was throwing some tantrum at my in-laws place, and they immediately gave her a toffee. When she asked for more, we said that we will get you more from the market- later on. Kavya, generally understands logic. She very innocently repeated “Jab dadaji maaket jayenge, tab laayenge aul toffee”. My MIL was totally touched, and decided that the kid needs to be given more toffees. (That was actually a very cute statement by Kavya. It is generally easy to make her understand things, which I am scared may also sometimes work against her). This was a reward for her innocence.

Also, since she had seen Kavya eating the toffee the way she did, she had a brainwave. She called my FIL, who was in market to get her some lollipops. Logic being that, it has a stick, and it will prevent her from messing her hands. I tried to stop her, but she gave the usual, “bachche hi to hain, ab nahi khayenge to kab khayenge” argument. So in some time Kavya had a lollipop in her hands. To say that she was thrilled would be an understatement. She had never seen a lollipop before, so she was delighted to have a toffee with a stick. She devoured it for around 30 minutes. The whole time she was just concentrating on licking it and nothing else. Just roaming around the room, eating it, and periodically showing it to me.

She called it lollipok in the beginning..:D. The child thoroughly enjoyed her first lollipop experience. I am sure she is going to ask for more in the coming days, but since she already understands cause and effect to a certain extent now, it should not be very difficult for us to keep her away from too many sweets.

This also reminds me of one more incident which happened around a month back. I took her to market, and she demanded a toffee. I generally buy gems for her, as she is very fond of them. So I gave her a packet of gems. She immediately started eating them. On our way back, we crossed a paanwaala. He had some toffee jars on his counter. Kavya looked at them and said “ Mumma, vo dekho toffee. Toffee khane se to daant khalaab ho jaate hain. Gems se to nahi hote..hai na..” with a big grin. It was such a lovely moment. Both my maid and I started laughing. She said it so innocently and cutely…J Kids are super cute at times.

Turning 3 has been a period of growth spurt for Kavya. She has suddenly grown up in the past one month. Her speech is clearer and her reasoning has improved considerably. She can make logical sentences in English too. She explains herself almost perfectly, and sometimes it feels as if I am talking to an adult. She is still saying cute things, but I can see my child growing. She has a mind of her own, and is clear on what she wants. Like the other day she came back from school, and I asked her to change her clothes. She said no. When I asked why, she replied “Kyunki mujhe kapde change karna achcha nahi lagta, mujhe khelna achcha lagta hai”!

Today she was telling husband- after pee pee- “Papa, maine appko bata diya ki mujhe susu aayi hai. Ab main bali ho gayi. Pehle main jab choti thin a, to pajama mein hi kal deti thi..”..:)

She generally talks to me in English. And I am amazed at the rate at which she has picked up the language. We are mainly Hindi speaking people at home, but at school she only gets to hear English. She has picked up very well, and I give all the credit for this to her teachers. Today she said, “Mumma, take out my clips (from her hair), then I will become a boy”, I said no baby, you will still be a girl. She said firmly.” No boys don’t put clips, so I will be a boy”…:)

Whenever she wants to do something- she says-“Shall we do this?” “Mumma, Shall we go to the park”..”Shall I climb on your head..”…:) In hindi it becomes- “kya main ye khaa loon”…” kya main ye gira doon..”…:)

Another favorite of her these days is – asking questions. She asks so many questions, that sometimes it becomes funny. And she has to know everything. Whatever is happening around her, she has to be aware. If the bell rings, she invariably has to go and check at the door. If the maid says something- like she is not well etc, Kavya verifies with me- “Mumma, Manooshi aunty ko kya hua?” On the road, she keeps asking me, “ye kiska ghar hai”, when I say- 1 uncle ka, next question “Unka naam kya hai”- so I read the name plate and reply..:D Sometimes, I make up names, it is so funny. She knows all the major landmarks from her school to home by heart now. “Mumma, chowk aa gaye”…”Mumma, vo dekho Fortis hospital”..”Vo dekho Max Hospital” She has a special fondness for hospitals. The other day she was trying to understand a U turn. We have to take a U turn to each home, she just did not get why I tell the autowallah every time to take a U turn. She would say ..”Mumma, kahan hai U? Ye to T hai”, referring to a big T on a billboard..:)

For the first time in these 3 years I felt her growing so fast. She is moving from being a cute toddler to a school going girl now…:) I hope to write more posts on Kavya in the marathon. It’s a great opportunity to chronicle her most fun years here.



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