K- The Name

Even before I had Kavya, I always kind of knew that it would be a girl. Call it my sixth sense or a strong gut feeling, but I was more or less sure that my first child would be a girl. I had thought that I would name her Radhika. I am very fond of this name. Husband however, thought otherwise and never approved of this name. Moreover, one of his cousin’s daughter is also named Radhika, so he wanted to go with some other name.  My second choice was Radha. I love this name. Husband obviously did not, he felt it was too outdated and sounded old. Towards the end of my pregnancy, we discussed a lot of girls’ names. We discussed boys’ names also, but somehow the inclination was always towards girls’ names. We could never agree on one name. I even tried to fight it out with husband, that since I have carried the baby for 9 months, I should have sole right to name her in case we are unable to agree on one, but he did not budge. There was another name- Anasuya which I liked, but he disagreed. Priyamvada was another name which I really love, but he found it too old. Whatever options he suggested, were not appealing to me. So time passed and eventually we stopped discussing the name thing.

After the birth, the name topic again popped up. We had planned her naming ceremony 10 days after her birth. So we had effectively 10 days to decide on a name. I think it was my mother, she suggested the name Kalyani. (Her birth letter was K, and my in-laws insisted that we name her with that only) Husband instantly liked it. I think I also agreed thinking that I better name my child myself, else, the number of options pouring in from the extended family were scaring me. Kritika, Kiana, Kiara…etc. etc. No offence, but I somehow am not very fond of these new age names. I still like the traditional meaningful names, which most people on my husband’s side of the family disapprove of. I saw another family trait here. While my parents were OK with whatever name we selected, the same was not true with husband’s family. They had their opinion on every option we came up with. Anyway, since both of us had agreed only to this one name till now, we decided to call her Kalyani for the time being.

Most people did not like this name. So much so that, some were quite evident is showing their dislike. I was kind of surprised.  How can show your displeasure at someone else’s child’s name. I can understand it coming from close family and friends. But husband’s boss, random people we barely knew. “ye kaisa naam hai”…”Kitna puraana hai..” kept coming from people for a long time.

Anyway, I was kind of ok and had shut this topic out of my mind until, I was required to get her birth certificate made. Husband said, we can still get it changed later on. So I deferred that decision, and went ahead and got the BC made with Kalyani. Then came the PPF account. She was not even one year. The PPF application was submitted with the same name. Then one day, I realized that I myself am not very fond of this name. The first birthday was approaching. My FIL had been suggesting the name Kavya for quite some time now. So one day, after mentally giving up on having a name of my choice for her, I suggested to husband, let’s name her Kavya. That’s the only good option with K I can think of right now. Moreover, I believe that a name grows on you. After a certain point, name hardly has any significance. A person may be names Rakesh or Raj, Suresh or Sam, it’s who you are matters, not the name. Shakespeare has correctly said- What’s there in name? This logic has been able to convince me very well when I choose to by logic. At other times, when I go by what the heart says- I again start feeling, o man, Radha was such a good name…:)

Anyway, so just before her first birthday, we decided, that since in the 21 months period of having K around (inside me and outside), we have not been able to zero in on a name, it’s high time we go by what’s the next possible option available. And therefore, Kavya was chosen as the name for my daughter. This was a typical case of, if you do not take your decisions in your own hands, someone else will make them for you.

I am not sure how happy Kavya would be read this post when she grows up. But then, I am sure she would definitely love what Shakespeare said…:)

And btw, if and when I decide to have a second child, I have already told husband in so many words- the name I get to decide. I have already it decided actually…:)


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