Ishq Bulaawa

Today is a very tiring day. I had thought of topics till H, so till now I had a couple of topics sorted out with each letter to write post about. However, since I had not planned anything with ‘I’, I plan to make it a song post.

Today has been pretty tiring. Had quite some work in office and then in the evening had to do park hopping with Kavya as our regular park had a dog roaming in it. Then got a call from office, and had to rush back from the park making Kavya throw tantrums! . I am almost on the verge of crashing down anytime now!

So this would be a song post. Actually I went on YouTube to see if there was something good with ‘I’, I could write about. And voilà, It hit me, that one of my favourite song is “Ishq Bulaawa”, and the post for the day was decided..:) While I did not like the movie much, I just cannot stop listening to this song. It’s a very melodious song sung very beautifully. In the past few years only two songs have had the calibre of being played in loop for day’s altogether in my playlist, and this is one of them. So much so that I come back to this one after every few weeks. So, here is beginning the Monday with a melody from Hasee toh Phasee.


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