I was waiting for the letter H to come in the marathon, so that I could share my love for the serial House MD on this blog. I am 10 years late in evolution, and therefore have discovered House just a couple of weeks back. Its airing on FX these days, and I somehow caught an episode of it while generally surfing channels, and fell in love with it from the very first episode which I saw. Husband has been telling me for long to watch some US series, but I mostly prefer comedy or romedy (romance + comedy), so I never even attempted to try anything new. Last series which I followed religiously was Monk.

Anyway, so I fell in love with House, with the very first episode. For the uninitiated, the series is about a Dr House and his team of three doctors who work with him as inters. Dr House is a genius. At the same time he is also an extremely difficult human being for himself as well as for others to handle. He is rude, sarcastic, too practical, focused to the extent that his human traits are never visible. He is a complex personality. The series shows a new case in every episode which House solves with his genius, and simultaneously it shows the evolving relationship between all the characters involved.

Initially the cases excited me, and slowly my focus changed and I started enjoying the relationship between the various characters more. House’s character is intriguing, but at the same time the equation the other characters- Dr Wilson, Cuddy, Chase share with House and with each other is equally interesting. When I like something very much I am unable to put that in words. Something similar is happening with House. I am amazed at how good can someone be to write such interesting characters, and describe human feelings and emotions in such a brilliant way. The writing of the serial is just fabulous. The dialogues are crisp, everyone says what they have to say. You can see the junior doctors maturing and the equations between them changing. There is a Dr Wilson, who is House’s closest friend. He is an oncologist, and one of the most likeable characters in the series. I just love the way their friendship has been shown. However, like everyone else what I love about the series is House. His character has been written brilliantly! He is brilliant, very good looking, witty (read sarcastic), and all this makes him very sexy!! The fact that his is a complex personality sometimes adds to the mystery, and at other times is plain annoying, but he is just super cool. The three junior doctors with him, Chase, Cameron, and Foreman are three super competitive people with Cameron, the only female having feelings for him. Each one of them are very different characters and I am watching the episodes where Cameron is over House and is set to get into a relationship with Chase. Then there is Dr Cuddy, the dean of Medicine at the hospital, who is a very pretty and confidant, but single lady. She knows that House is brilliant and keeps tolerating his attitude. She is shown to be desperately seeking companionship. House and Cuddy are generally at loggerheads, but House mostly gets away with his ways.

I love how the writer has dealt with each character, their insecurities, their commitment and dedication towards their job, their stressful professional lives, and their emotional sides. Although the pace of each episode is predictable, what keeps the interest on, is their personal equations, which keeps changing and maturing with every episode.


I would have ended this post here, had I not gone through some videos on YouTube while searching for House clips. I came to know that eventually Chase and Cameron fall for each other and are a couple for some time. That was a surprise, but a good one. I did not like that they had to part, but it was still OK.

Then 2 days back, I saw another clip, where House and Cuddy are shown in love!! And unfortunately they also part eventually. It was some 10 min clip which showed condensed version of their relationship, and to be honest it was a very emotionally charged video. It was too heavy to handle. You know the kinds, which saps all your mental energy. The whole story it seems changes focus, and is more concentrated on House’s relationship than his cases. I personally felt that, given the complex creature House is, to keep the series balanced, it’s necessary to show his practical, case solver side with his eccentricities and demanding personality traits thrown in between. It makes for a good enjoyable episode. But a full dive deep inside House’s subconscious, where his emotional side is all bare, exposing the real person House is, would be difficult to handle. It’s just too heavy a watch. It tilts the entertainment quotient of the series to the negative side, as watching it leaves you with a heart heavy and mind questioning.

After seeing those clips, I am in two minds, whether to continue watching it or not. Or rather, to quickly detach myself emotionally from the series and not think about it too much. I will of course do the latter I know, but I know that somehow it has affected me and my enthusiasm towards the series has come down. Yesterday I was even thinking of skipping it for good. But then I gave in and did watch the entire episode.

And yes, Husband also told me, that Dr Wilson, the most kind and pleasant character in the series gets cancer towards the later episodes…:( Now you know why I am feeling the way I am feeling!!

PS: Hugh Laurie (House) is a British actor. I saw him speaking in pure English accent in some of his interviews. I was amazed. He just sounded like a different person altogether. The British accent is so so awesome..:)


2 thoughts on “HOUSE MD

    • yes Monk is that detective one. I loved it. It was a perfect entertainer.
      Ok, so it means i was not alone in knowing about House. Pls watch it. You will love it…its brilliant! apparently a super hit just like FRIENDS…

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