While planning for the posts for the marathon, I had decided to keep my current obsession HOUSE MD, for letter H. However, today when thinking about what to write with D, I thought that why not make it Dr House, and do the House post today itself. I am so desperate to write about House. But then, better sense prevailed, and I decided to do a post on Doctors today, and keep House for H…:)

Around the time Kavya reached the age 1, she had already developed a fear of doctors. Her ped was Dr T J Anthony, who is a really nice man in his early 50s. Quite suited to be a ped, he is very lively and fun with kids. However, Kavya had become so scared of her vaccinations that she refused to even enter the doctor’s chamber. Taking her for her vaccination was like a war for us. So even if we did not tell her that we were going to see a doctor, the moment we parked our car outside the hospital/ mall where the clinic is, she would immediately identify the place and start crying. Nahi jaana, nahi jaana…followed by loud wails. This continued for a long long time. So much so that, I had to tell her multiple times at home, that this is not a vaccination and doctor would just check you. Or I would buy chocolates/ pastries for her immediately after reaching the clinic, but nothing worked.

I remember, once I took her to Fortis hospital for a throat infection. Since she would not open her mouth, the doc pressed her tongue with an ice-cream stick. She thought it was a pen. After coming back from the hospital, for days altogether, she kept saying- “doctal ne mu mein pen daal diya…” in a sobbing tone, she was not even 1.5 years then.

Once in the escalator, while going to see her doctor, we met the doctor in the escalator. Kavya had seen him like 2-3 months back, she immediately recognized him and started crying. The doc was surprised!!

I did go to other doctors too sometimes, but her fear did not vain. The once, due to timing issues, I had to see Dr Anthony’s wife, who is also a paediatrician. Kavya was relatively relaxed that day. May be because she thought of her as someone else, or may be because even before anything started, she gave her a chocolate. She was pretty happy that day. The fear grew so much that she would not come with us even if we had to go see a doctor for us. Then I had to explain her, that you can just chill outside, mumma has to go in. I think that kind of raised her confidence, that she is not alone in this. Even mumma/ papa need to see doctor sometimes.

In the past few months, due to timing issues, I started visiting Dr Anthony’s wife Dr Anjali, more often. Last year Kavya also fell sick more often. So towards the end of 2015, we were doing too many doctor visits. She kind of got used to it. Slowly I saw a change in her attitude. Last year in September she caught Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Ulcers in her mouth, but since it was a milder infection in her case, she did not have any ulcers in hands and feet. However, the mouth ulcers were quite bad, and we had a very tough time. She was on a custard diest for 2-3 days, and lost a lot of strength. Her ped was out of town and we had to see another doctor in Fortis- Dr Pinkoo Atawar. During the same time, Kavya learnt this new thing of asking me to narrate her any event that had happened during the day, at her sleep time. So she would ask me to tell, Pinkoo Atawar vaali baat batao. And I would narrate her the complete series of events on how we took her to the hospital, our turn came, doctor examined her….till we came back home. (Now it is like, she wants me to narrate all her encounters with doctors in the recent past during sleep time. So its, Pinkoo Atawar vaali, Doctal Anjali vaali..jab mujhe ulti aa gayi thi, Dr Debes Agalawal vaali, Dr D K Dibali vaali (Dr D K Tiwari), which is the most recent one)

In the past month or so, I have realized that her fear for doctors has come down considerably. May be this is because of the age factor, and after so many visits she now knows what to expect. She is clear now, that she likes Dr Anjali a lot. Sometimes she tells me, “main bimaal hu, mujhe Doctal Anjali ke paas le jao!!” (This is to get chocolates mainly). Whenever we cross Fortis hospital, she does not miss to mention Dr Anjali. She even went to the extent of saying that “Doctal Debes Agalwal achche nai hain, vo toffee nai dete!” She knows her antibiotics. She knows that for cough I am supposed to give her Maxtra. So she sometimes coughs and says, mummy mujhe khansi aa agayi- Makstala de do.

One day I had ulcers in my mouth, and I was discussing with husband that I need to take Bicasule. She heard my side of conversation and said- “Aapke mu mein chaale ho gaye hain..bicasool kha lo, ac ke upal lakhi hai”..:D

Also, she now has reached a stage where if I assure her that doctor will only check you with a stethoscope and not give any injections, she understands it, and patiently lets the doc examine. She even opens her mouth without the doc having to insert any stick. She has developed a kind of trust on her doc. However, with a new doc its still not that easy- but if its Anjali we are pretty much sorted. Thanks to the chocolates and Dr Anjali’s nice behaviour…:)

Sometimes she goes overboard, and says- mujhe yahan pe voond (wound) ho gaya hai (referring to some tiny pink rash on her skin)- mujhe doctal ke paas le jao. Or she itches and says- mujhe khujali vale doctal ke paas le jaao…:D

But all in all, it’s such a relief to not have a screaming game every time we visit a doctor. I will definitely show her this post, when she grows up.


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