We celebrated Kavya’s birthday at my parents’ place this time. We stay in an independent house in Gurgaon. Her 2nd birthday last year was quite a boring affair for the kid as all kids we knew were either older to her or too young than her; and everyone had come with their parents. So it was more of a gathering for parents than kids. Also, I made a wrong choice of cake- a photo cake with Chota Bheem, and it turned out so dull that I decided never to order a photo cake ever in my life.

This year Kavya’s spring break started from 19th March. I was planning to celebrate her birthday in Gurgaon and then leave for my parents’ place the next day. However, when I started making the guest list, I realized that the scene would almost be similar to last year’s. She still does not have many kids her age in the colony (the ones that are there, I hardly know them), and the other option of calling all her school friends was beyond budget (for reasons I will elaborate some other time).

So I had this brainwave, of celebrating the third birthday at my parents place. Husband also found it ok, and we came to my hometown on the 19th to celebrate the birthday here on 20th. This colony has around 25 kids who may not be same age as Kavya but are in that good age group- where they make birthday parties fun. I had seen their gathering at the Navratri Kanya Poojan in the past, and was sure that Kavya would enjoy having so many kids for her birthday.

We celebrated her simple yet fun birthday party here, with a not so good looking but nevertheless tasty Tweety cake, and some basic snacks. The kids were a riot, as they came laden with birthday presents that reminded me of my own childhood, when a tiffin box/ pencil box were the favorite gifts to carry…J

Kavya had lots of fun getting all the attention. Husband played some games with the kids, and then we proceeded to cake cutting followed by snacks. Kavya very confidently blew the candle and also cut the cake without any help from me. She looked quite delighted. She was heard telling other kids- “Aaj tumhara Birthday nahi hai..mera birthday hai!!”

However, I was not aware that snacks here mean, that kids await their return gifts and then rush back home!! So after snack time, they started demanding their return gifts which were small goody bags. The moment I distributed those, the bachcha party disappeared!! I was amazed..:D  I literally had to run behind some to make them pose for a group photo…J

Anyway, overall it turned out a fun birthday party for Kavya.

She had asked for a Mickey Mouse cake for her birthday celebrations at school. Actually I had pestered her for months asking which two cakes she would want for her birthday. I gave her a couple of options, and she chose Tweety and a Fairy cake. Since she does not watch any cartoons, she is not acquainted with any characters in particular. I guess she liked these two names and decided. However, just before her birthday there was another birthday in school and she saw a Minnie Mouse cake. So the fairy cake was replaced by a Minnie Mouse cake. I played smart and instead of going for a full-fledged cake in shape of Minnie Mouse, I ordered a simple gems chocolate cake with a Minnie figurine on top..:) She enjoyed the cake and later the toy!

This year I plan to buy a cycle for her. I bought a tricycle for her when she was not even 2. But she hardly rode it. Even now I am not sure if she would be interested in riding one. In the park she tries to explore other children’s cycles, but if she would show any interest in her own cycle is not very clear to me. Anyway, I think I will still buy one for her…J

Also, this post is not complete without a mention of her lovely yellow frock which I bought from I discovered this site before her first birthday, and this was the third time in a row that I got her birthday dress from here. They have a lovely collection, prices slightly on the higher side, but amazing stuff.

Here is the picture in which I could manage to have less than half of the total junta:



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