Earlier plan was to write a post on FM channels. However, Suddenly some work has come up and I have only few hours to get it done. So a small post on some fun we had yesterday.

Yesterday Husband celebrated his 35th Birthday. Last year we went to Goa to celebrate this day, and though it was Goa and booze and sea and sand, the Husband did not enjoy the trip. Actually, Kavya was not even two this time last all trips to the beach were nothing but a monitoring session for us to ensure that she stayed close to us and did not venture too much on her own. She on the other hand was having a gala time! She enjoyed the most! She has tonnes of papads and juice and would sit on a separate chair in the shack and just chill! I remember, Husband put her on his laps for sometime, and she was like..”Kaava ki chair..”. So the girl had a lot of fun while the parents were too busy looking after her. Another reason was that we chose a home stay for the first time. To us, it was a major disappointment, as it lacked any room service, and what is a stay during vacation if you cannot order stuff in room when you like. So overall, he was quite disappointed last time.

This year, I decided to go the conventional way. I decided to throw a small surprise party for him. But since he gets an off on his birthday, a surprise was not quite possible. He had already planned out his day and the second half was free and he was supposed to be at home. I had already invited his best friend and family, my brothers and my SIL for the get together. Since husband was planning to be around that day, I decided to go for my long pending driving license test. Unfortunately, I failed in the test! I will write a separate post on that as it was a dreadful experience and I am scared to go back again to give the test on Wed. I was so stressed after the test, that when I came back home, I had little bandwidth to keep anything hidden from husband, and told him about the party in the evening! The only thing I did not reveal was the cake. Yes, I had ordered a Kindle shaped cake, which is his favourite thing.

The menu was nice and simple- chole bhature and dahivada with some starters and wine, which the SIL had brought. My brothers got some beer, and we were set for the party. After a long long time we celebrated something fun at our home. Generally, we go out on birthdays, but with age I am realizing that now going for lunches and dinners alone is not that much fun. It feels better to have some friends/ family around. With my brother and cousin also living close by now, it has kind of become more fun for us, as they land up on weekends and at such occasions and we all have a reasonably good time together.

Yes, and the most important part of the evening was- the cake surprise. Husband was pleased beyond words to see the cake. He loved it very much! I was so glad, the idea was to make him feel good on his special day. I really believe that birthdays are the days when one should be given very special treatment. So even small things like a well thought of cake can make someone’s day. I was really glad that he liked the cake.

My cousin had brought one of those small lights, which light like a “anaar” throwing sparkles when lighted. So the cake was cut, wine served and then lots and lots of gupshup. The evening was well spent with good food and good company!

Here is the pic of the cake:



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