I wanted to write something else with G, but cannot think of anything better than my Goals for 2016. This may also be because of the fact that I have read Pepper’s post with G and that is about Goals. I am unable to think of any other word than this with G.

For 2015 I had made some simple goals. Here is a list of my goals for 2015:

  • Skill Enhancement
  • Minimal Time Wastage
  • Social Life

I had decided to work on the above areas in this year. Honestly speaking I have not done great on any front. I have just started doing my daily back strengthening exercise. Nothing on the skill enhancement front- except that I do see my role getting changed in the coming months.

Time wastage – I can say that I am slightly better as I do spend a lot of time with K now. I have not read many books, but still I think this is an area where I am improving.

Wastage- It is as it is. No improvements here.

Social Life- This has been slightly better, because we travelled in summers this year to our native place. My husband belongs to Pithoragarh- in Kumaon region of Uttaranchal. I met a lot of family there. Then the same month I went to native in Pauri Garhwal, and met my family. After coming back we did meet Husband’s extended family on more than one occasions. But my objective of having people over was definitely not met.

Overall, it has been a disappointing year in terms of achieving my goals. I am not discouraged but. I plan to have some achievable goals for 2016. This time I think I should take a stock mid year to see where am wrt my goals, and do course correction if needed.

So here is what I plan to achieve in the year 2016:

  1. HEALTH– A better me physically! PERIOD.
  2. More and more time with K– Thankfully my job right now allows me decent work life balance. I want to use this to maximum advantage and want to spend as much time as I can with K. She would be turning 3 this year, and believe me now I understand what it is to actually see time flying! It was as if just yesterday when I was preparing for her 2nd birthday, and we are already on verge of welcoming her 3rd! So more quality time with my baby is one major goal of this year.

Infact along with this, another objective is to work on some areas with her specially her confidence. She is basically an introvert kid. So while I do not want to make her or change her into an extrovert, but I think I would need to help her develop some confidence specially her social skills. So that’s the goal for me, for K.

  1. Better time planning: Like last year this year also, time management is on the top of this list. I want to spend my time more wisely. I have read some beautiful posts by some of my favorite bloggers on how they manage their time. You can read them here and here.
  2. Minimal Wastage: of every kind especially food. I think I need to be much more organized. That would automatically take care of any kind of wastage.
  3. Wear more and more Sarees. Yes, that’s one of my goals for the coming year. I have participated in the 100sareepact- on Instagram. I am just 10 sarees down, and already enjoying it!
  4. Learn a new skill. Today morning I learnt how to refill the water container in car which is used to clean the front glass pane using wipers. I felt really happy on learning something new..:) This year I want to add something to my skill set. Not professional necessarily, but any new thing – may be baking or some other craft.
  5. Read More. I use to read a lot till a year back. Somehow, I lost the drive to read sometime back, and I am not being able to get that back on track. So more and more reading is on my list this year.
  6. Explore my city, and take at least 2 vacations. I want to cover all places in Delhi till the time we are here. We have already been to almost all famous ones, but still there are many places yet to be covered. I have bookmarked a blog post which captures almost all of Delhi’s visit-able places, and this year I am going to tick mark as many of them as I can.
  7. Invest time on a social cause. I think this one is very critical. I need to do some social service or work for some social cause. I think I have already identified one, but I seriously plan to invest time on that this year. I will update this post once I actually do some work on it.
  8. Call my parents everyday. I use to talk to my parents almost everyday, but this year I have decided that no matter what- I will call them every single day. Both of them.

I will come back to this list every quarter end, to see where I stand vis- a-vis my objectives. Let me now update Google Calendar to remind me on 31st March 2016- to come back and have a look at this sheet.





Earlier plan was to write a post on FM channels. However, Suddenly some work has come up and I have only few hours to get it done. So a small post on some fun we had yesterday.

Yesterday Husband celebrated his 35th Birthday. Last year we went to Goa to celebrate this day, and though it was Goa and booze and sea and sand, the Husband did not enjoy the trip. Actually, Kavya was not even two this time last year..so all trips to the beach were nothing but a monitoring session for us to ensure that she stayed close to us and did not venture too much on her own. She on the other hand was having a gala time! She enjoyed the most! She has tonnes of papads and juice and would sit on a separate chair in the shack and just chill! I remember, Husband put her on his laps for sometime, and she was like..”Kaava ki chair..”. So the girl had a lot of fun while the parents were too busy looking after her. Another reason was that we chose a home stay for the first time. To us, it was a major disappointment, as it lacked any room service, and what is a stay during vacation if you cannot order stuff in room when you like. So overall, he was quite disappointed last time.

This year, I decided to go the conventional way. I decided to throw a small surprise party for him. But since he gets an off on his birthday, a surprise was not quite possible. He had already planned out his day and the second half was free and he was supposed to be at home. I had already invited his best friend and family, my brothers and my SIL for the get together. Since husband was planning to be around that day, I decided to go for my long pending driving license test. Unfortunately, I failed in the test! I will write a separate post on that as it was a dreadful experience and I am scared to go back again to give the test on Wed. I was so stressed after the test, that when I came back home, I had little bandwidth to keep anything hidden from husband, and told him about the party in the evening! The only thing I did not reveal was the cake. Yes, I had ordered a Kindle shaped cake, which is his favourite thing.

The menu was nice and simple- chole bhature and dahivada with some starters and wine, which the SIL had brought. My brothers got some beer, and we were set for the party. After a long long time we celebrated something fun at our home. Generally, we go out on birthdays, but with age I am realizing that now going for lunches and dinners alone is not that much fun. It feels better to have some friends/ family around. With my brother and cousin also living close by now, it has kind of become more fun for us, as they land up on weekends and at such occasions and we all have a reasonably good time together.

Yes, and the most important part of the evening was- the cake surprise. Husband was pleased beyond words to see the cake. He loved it very much! I was so glad, the idea was to make him feel good on his special day. I really believe that birthdays are the days when one should be given very special treatment. So even small things like a well thought of cake can make someone’s day. I was really glad that he liked the cake.

My cousin had brought one of those small lights, which light like a “anaar” throwing sparkles when lighted. So the cake was cut, wine served and then lots and lots of gupshup. The evening was well spent with good food and good company!

Here is the pic of the cake: