This post is about Bollywood, but more than that it is about my acceptance of the fact that it is my most favorite way to kill time. I have been a Bollywood freak since the time I can remember. Earlier it was a fascination, which now has turned into a deep interest in anything related to the Indian Film Industry. I like watching films, and love listening to songs; but more than that what I love doing the most is digging out information about anything and everything related to films. I have a fetish to know whatever information I can lay hands on about films. With the ease of access to data now more than ever, this has now taken form of mild obsession I would say. I do not limit myself to any particular type of information- I read/ watch everything when time permits. It generally starts with a query in my head about something I do not know- Like few days back I discovered that I had not realized the magic of Mhd Rafi’s voice. I have been listening to his songs for forever now, but that his voice was so mesmerizing and so breathtaking, was like a new realization. So, I started listening to his songs and meanwhile, scathed the internet of whatever information I could find about him. I spent many nights- listening to his old interviews on Youtube- whatever was available, about other people talking about him and so on. I even listened to interviews of Pakistani celebrities –as even they also laid claim to his legacy- Rafi had lived in Lahore for some time. I read whatever was possibly available on the internet. Then when my hunger was still not satisfied, I went to Flipkart to look for any books I could buy on him. I found one- and ordered it immediately, and started reading it. (That’s a different story though that I had to leave it half way because of the poor quality of writing!!) So this is my level of obsession. Infact in my spree to find out about the music scene in the Indian Film Industry during the past 4-5 decades, I discovered that Lata Mangeshkar was romantically involved with Raj Singh Dungarpur (that cricketing guy). About the transition from singers of the likes of Noorjehan and Surraiyaa to Lata Mangeshkar. Which was Waheeda Rehman’s first screen act- and that she use to be very sick as a child!!

I am one of those people who would know that- Aditya Chopra, Karan Johar and Vidhu Vinod Chopra are related to each other (they are first cousins infact!!), or that Raza Murad and Zeenat Amaan are first cousins!! I know that Gulzar worked as a mechanic before becoming a poet and it was Rabindranath Tagore’s work which he read made him fall in love with poetry. I must acknowledge that of all the sources that I have exhausted during all this time, I am in love with the national network. Be it DD or AIR- they have the hugest collection of songs and information, their anchors especially on DD are really good and know how to talk. Anyway, this was just to tell that how much and what all I read and see..:)

Its not that I am only on lookout for gossip and frivolous information. After reading so much, I try to analyze the person I am reading about and make a mental picture of his personality traits. How does that help me? Honestly, it is of no use to me – and that is the precise reason why I feel guilty of spending so much time on this fruitless activity! In-fact I had never even accepted this earlier that I take so much interest in Films. I have been doing this since as long as I can remember, but I never acknowledged it. Off late, I have been trying to discover things about myself. You know that Who am I kind of question. I realized many traits of my personality and the whys behind them. That is a subject of another post, but in this Who am I quest, I think it is also necessary to accept your interests and hobbies. To know and acknowledge what you like and what you dislike. So, here I am accepting my immense love for anything Filmy.  Btw…if anyone’s interested- here is Waheeda Rehman’s first screen presence…I like the song..:)


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