Movie Review- Dil Dhadakne Do

I took an off on Wednesday. I had to go for my learning license to RTO office, so I thought that I will complete this work and then will have lunch with husband sans K (leaving her at in-laws place). Second half was reserved for K. However, my work at the RTO office got over in 2 hours and by 10 30 I was out of the office. Impulsively I decided to go for a movie and DDD was the only choice as I am not very fond of English movies. I rushed to the nearest theatre to catch the 11 am show. Ha, after a long time I was going for a movie and that too alone..:)

If I have to just sum up in one line- I would say I liked the movie. Just like any other Zoya Akhtar movie, this too is plan simple story, with subtle messages. It is not as great as ZMD, but its worth a watch. Rather, some parts of the movie can be watched again as well.

Story is about a rich Delhi family, who are too much into pretending things. The business is not doing so well, so the head of the family Mr Mehra decides to organize a cruise for his family and friends to attract people to invest in their company. There are two kids- Ayesha and Kabir played by Priyanka and Ranveer Singh. Everyone is in a tricky stage in life. Ayesha is married to a man whom she has failed to fall in love with. Kabir finds himself a no- fit for taking over father’s business, but is trying to fit in to meet the family expectations and abide by the patriarchal set up. Once aboard the cruise, the Mehra family starts discovering the sides of themselves they were scared to bring to the surface. There are realizations, there are new relationships, up and eventually the family comes out more liberated and happy from the state they embarked this journey with.

The film is smooth, no major ups and down…the story flows naturally covering the entire gamut of Mehras and their brethren. What I liked most about the film is Anil Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra. Both of them have come out as the best of the lot. Anil Kapoor has played his part perfectly well and also gets a lot of screen space. Follows him is Priyanka, who is absolutely stunning in her role. Though I did not find her role very convincing but she has portrayed whatever was given to her with full honesty. She definitely is one of the better actors we have today. Ranveer comes a close second. He is like a breath of fresh air in the over pitched dramatic family. His role is well written and is quite well constructed, and he does complete justice to it. However, star for me was Farhan Akhtar, he comes post interval, but his mere presence on the screen lights it up! He is so handsome and so perfect for this role. He plays Priyanka’s ex- flame who is also her dad’s manager’s son, whom she was very close to at some point in her life. After trying to adjust in her arranged marriage with Manav (played by Rahul Bose) she realizes that while she is clearly unhappy with him, she still has feelings for her ex, who onboards the cruise midway. I liked the chemistry between Farhan and Priyanka. Their scenes together are too good. Both look very convincing playing their characters. The whole movie infact is on the similar lines as ZNMD- how we are conditioned to “fit” into the pre decided roles in the society we are expected to play, never taking in to consideration our own happiness. In ZNMD it was told through a story of three friends discovering what truly gives them happiness and peace- here its more direct. A son being the name bearer of the family, patriarchal structure expecting women to live in whatever shit they may face after marriage, women expected to give in and not question, men supposed to take up the family business ahead even when they have zero aptitude for it (and the deserving daughter being ignored, even though she is the one with business acumen) ..etc.

While all the characters are written convincingly, I could not reconcile Ayesha aka Priyanka’s character. She is shown to be a business woman, a self-made at that. She has her name in Forbes top 50 list etc, but her traits which she displays within her family, are quite submissive and that of a non-confronter. I mean why would someone who is financially independent and capable, take so long to discover that the husband is an ass hole and needs to be shown the door right away! I may be wrong in my assessment, but in my mind I could not add up her personality traits.

Also, the writers could have been more liberal towards the end, by showing that Neelam-aka Mrs Mehra, finally decides to leave her husband- her rich successful husband, who she knows has been blatantly cheating on her. The end was kept to please the larger audience I guess.

Overall, it is a good movie. Worth watching.

I would give it 3.5/ 5…:)

And did I tell you, I am in love with this song…


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