Day 26- A post from phone

This is what happens towards the end of a marathon. I am too tired to even open my laptop. I was thinking of not posting anything today. This has anyway been a better marathon for me compared to the previous ones I had taken up. So I was kind of thinking of calling it quits. However, then I thought now that I have come so far why not carry on till the end, and therefore this saver post from the phone. Both K and I were better today, however not fit enough to make it to the cocktail party tomorrow. So the whole clan would be there at the sangeet and cocktails tomorrow while us mother daughter duo will lie at home far from all the fun and merry making…:( I cannot even describe the feeling of disappointment. This is so cruel…:(.  I so wanted to attend this function. Anyway, now I can only console myself that at least we will be able to make it to the wedding on the 30th.
I want to stand on my roof top and shout and pray to the Gods to please end the winter season for us. Its been a painfully long winter here. By now, ideally it should be sunny and warm during day time. Instead, it is so windy that its painful to even stand in the balcony during day time. I am a summer born, and can tolerate any amount of heat during summers, I hardly crib. But winter is something I just  cannot stand.
So let me call it a day now. See you with a equally mundane post tomorrow..:D


2 thoughts on “Day 26- A post from phone

    • Hi Bikram. Thanks for enquiring. Both of us are fine. The sickness continued for a long time this time. However, by the time I recovered the marathon was over! Anyway…will restart posting here…soon..:)

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