Day 25- Of Blogging and Marathon

Firth the health updates- I was slightly better today, but K is more or less in same state. From tomorrow husband starts his office, and we too will be alone at home. I have a choice of going to my in-laws place, which I am not very keen on taking up, as its a lot of hassle, take everything along like my laptop, K’s clothes for changing etc, and then come back in the evening. So I may take it up only if absolutely needed. Else, both of us will bore each other the entire day tomorrow staying in a closed room!

This blog marathon has done one good thing. There is so much stuff to read, there are so many people posting everyday, I have discovered a lot of new blogs, Most people are writing about their day to day lives in this 30 days marathon. Its not very easy to come up with a topic oriented meaningful post everyday. So the best option is to post about the day’s happenings, and reading a couple of posts from any blog gives almost the complete story about the blogger. Its is so interesting and fascinating to read about so many different people and their lives. There are some patterns also. Like two of the patterns I have discovered- blogs of women living in the west. They all talk about similar things- the snow, the daycare, the weekly planning of food, the weekend trips to near by places, eating at some place called- Chiptole (i have not googled, but it seems like a great place to eat). There day to day lives comprise mainly of the above things. Obviously very logical, as the lifestyle of people living their is pretty much the same. The other set of blogs which I have come across are the bloggers from the southern part of India. There posts are alos very similar. Its the talk about food in these blogs which generally directs that they are from South of India. i am not very sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I come across a lot of blogs from these two sets of people.

We have wedding coming up in the family on the 30th Jan. On 28th there is the cocktail party. It is husband’s cousin’s marriage, who he is very fond of. We all were very excited about this wedding till K and I fell sick..:( I had though that I would take a couple of leaves and go to stay at the shaadi vaale ghar in advance. However, now that does seem to be materializing, because given our conditions, we are doubtful if we will be able to make it to the cocktail party..:( It is so disappointing. And the saree i bought, about which I have posted earlier- that was purchased for the cocktail party only. Now, I will wear it the next day of wedding, when we have non stop poojas at home. Let us see. I am yet to do the preparation for the wedding as the blouse needs to be sent for fitting and jewellery etc needs to be sorted. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, and I will be able to step out of this room and get my stuff ready. I do not want to attend this wedding too in a rush, like the way I end up doing at most weddings. In the past due to work pressure, I would always leave things to last minute, and then land up at weddings, in less than the preparation I would have actually liked to do. Its very disappointing, believe me; when your earnings do not go that well with the saree; or your hair is just not the way you had actually wanted. Hopefully, this time it will be better.

See you guys tomorrow. Gn.


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