Day 24- Of Vacations

I am still not well, and now I am totally hating all this. Today was straight 4th day in row when I have been living on medicines. Body is now totally exhausted, and have no patience to tolerate it any further. Along with that a daughter, who is at an age where she just does not understand anything. It is so frustrating at times, the one way communication, you shout at her and she keeps doing stuff her own way without even acknowledging that she is being spoken to. I have a bad headache today, I asked husband to press my head, while he was at it, K who was jumping around on the bed from one end to the other saw this, and became all excited to be a part of it. She came near me and started pressing my neck and throat with full force to participate in this communal activity! She used all her power, and I had to literally push her away to save myself!! Man, it is so chaotic…in all this chaos, she spill the glass of milk lying on the back rest of the bed..:( And then she snatches the wiping cloth from my hand to clean it on her own…:( I had tears in my eyes. I seriously wish that both of us get well soon. I can not handle this any more.

Now to justify the title of this post (I wanted to write a post on or Goan vacation last month), here are some pictures from that trip. I love Goa.







PS: I do not want to leave this marathon in between because of bad health. Therefore I plan to post everyday, even if the post is as senseless as above..:(


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