Day 23- Mommy Guilt when you shout at your almost 2 years old, because she is not sleeping after being in the “put me to sleep” mode for around an hour and a half! Both K and I are not well, and its so difficult to handle an unwell child when you yourself are  not well. She is cranky for no rhyme or reason and I am running high fever and bad cold, and therefore am at my impatient best. I must have shouted at her more than a couple of times today. And the very next moment I feel so guilty, its not her fault, but the situation is so helpless, I have zero patience to tolerate her tantrums. I asked the cook to prepare soup for her, we spread a mat on the bed and I was trying to feed her, when she kicked the bowls and all the soup spilled! Phew! I was so annoyed. The she took almost 2 hours to go to sleep. With her in my laps, she kept demanding songs of her choice for those two hours, I get so tired singing with a bad throat, and my legs had started aching…Man raising kids is just no fun on such days. Infact it is no fun at all. This weather has made life very difficult here. We cannot even step out of our room, where the heater is on 24X7. Rest of the house is freezing! This is the worst winters I have seen here in India in my entire life. It was never so bad earlier. There is no sun altogether for days. I just hope and pray that this painful weather gives way to some good sunny days so that we can at least step out start feeling normal again.

Husband is also tired taking care of a sick wife and child. I am afraid that he does fall sick now. We can not afford that. See you guys tomorrow now, hopefully with better health.


One thought on “Day 23- Mommy Guilt

  1. 🙂 I have a daughter’s guilt. Being sick and on meds, I was at my impatient best along with being in a cranky and foul mood. I yelled at amma for something really silly. I lost my reason and brain then. 🙂 Same situation at the exact opposite end.
    I hope u recover soon and get to see some sun. Take care.

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