Day 22- The 101th Post

I published the previous post and just got this message in my inbox, that I have made 100 posts on this blog! YAY! celebration time..:)

Not sure if I have mentioned earlier, but this is my second blog. Earlier I had a non anonymous blog, which was known to family and friends, and where I used to write mostly funny stuff. However, I realized that I was not being able to express myself freely, so I decided to close it, and start this anonymous space. No one knows about it, except husband. Even he did not know till sometime back, when accidentally he discovered it on my system, and now knows the URL. I kind of wanted to keep it totally anonymous. Am I liking it. Yes. Till now I am enjoying this anonymity. While I know that not many people or rather very few people read this, but I am still satisfied, that I can write whatever I can without the fear of being judged. That is a great feeling.

I started this blog back in 2011, but this has been active only since last year, and I am so glad that I have completed 100 posts here..:)

I hope that it does not take me so long to complete another century here.


One thought on “Day 22- The 101th Post

  1. Congrats on the century. .Here’s wishing you many more …
    All the best..

    Anonymous is good sometimes I did a mistake revealing all ..but nevertheless I have had a good run and enjoy blogging. .

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