Day 19- Life

Right now is the oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be…

Read this just now, on a blog. Also, read this post from Pepper, her daddy (father’s brother) passed away few days back. I wanted to write something else, but after reading pepper’s post, I could only bring myself to ponder on how fragile life is! Day before I wrote a post about my naani, who passed away last year. Till then, when someone would tell me that their grand mother/ father passed away at an old age, I would think it was not that bad, they had already lived a long life, and anyway everyone has to go one day. When naani died, I realized no age is long enough for your loved ones. You want them to live forever. Even if they die at 100 or 110 years, you would still feel as bad. My naani was 78, and had been keeping bad health for almost 2 decades now. In fact, those who saw her always said that she is alive because of her strong will power and enthusiasm towards life. For past year or so she had become very weak, still when she left us, it was a big shock, and we were as sad as we could be knowing fully well that she was nearing her end days.

Honestly, after her death, I have started getting thoughts about death of loved ones more frequently. I know death is the ultimate truth, but the very thought of loosing someone like your parents, family is killing. I mean I cannot even imagine how will I handle if something like this happens.

Life is truly fragile and short. the ideal way would be to shut away any thoughts of the end, and live every day to the fullest. Live everyday as if it is the last day of life. Think about the big picture every time petty thoughts cross the mind. Basically, live with no regrets. These days I tell myself, that would I want to die with a bag of regrets of having not done things the way I wanted, or die with peace that I lived every phase of my life to its brim. I gave my 100% to everything I did, and enjoyed the journey. I want to remember more laughters than tears in the end, and the end is something no one knows. So, the fun is in making the best out of every living moment! I am sorry for this not so happy post, but after reading about Pepper’s uncle, I just could not get myself to write about anything else…


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