Day 18- Of Changes

There are some trends which come and just finish off some existing patterns of years. When mobile phone came, the era of crank calls was gone. Not that it was a great thing and should have stayed, but the complete nuisance some people use to create by using land line phones became history with the advent of mobile phones. Mobile phones eradicated this problem altogether! I remember our land line phone ringing at midnight or sometimes bang during the mid of the day, with either no one speaking or some random weird guys murmuring something in the background. It use be both scary and embarrassing. Infact, till the time call tracking was not so easy and simple on mobiles, I even experienced this problem in the initial days of mobiles. People calling from random numbers and then not responding when called back. But with applications like True Caller, and easy traceability of numbers, crank calls is a thing of gone days now! Interesting no, how technology can solve a social problem just in a jiffy…:)

The other day, we were crossing Gol Daak-khana in CP. My FIL showed K the post office and said- “Dekho beta, post office, pata nahi tumhare bade hone tak ye rahen ya nahi..”. Mobiles and e-mails made post offices almost redundant. Inland letters and post cards are history. Though GOI’s speed post service is still used, but the regular Indian Mail, is becoming obsolete slowly. I remember my mum writing letters to my nanaji and me doing the same in the 80’s and 90’s. And people sending those yellow postcards to convey messages..:) As a matter of respect, the wedding invite (the paper card) was accompanied by a post card letter, to invite relatives to wedding. The old ways of doing things, so elaborate detailed. E-mails and mobile phones have eradicated them.

These days in India there is another new trend- Online Shopping. It is slowly changing the way we shop. At any give time of the day, you can see some guys on bikes, carrying huge bags labelled- Myntra, Flipkart, Amazon, Firstcry etc- running across the streets to deliver parcels. I mean earlier it use to be only pizza delivery guys. But today if I stand in my balcony, I can see almost 5-6 guys cross the street in a span of one hour, who are out for delivering stuff ordered on line. They have for sure made life simpler. A lot of stuff which is standard, and does not need much choice, can be ordered online, and delivered at your door step. Its a a blessing sometimes. if the trend continues, it is going to change the way we shop. There will be more delivery guys on the streets than the actual people headed to markets to buy stuff! Not sure, which way it will go, but it could be game changer in a crowded country like India.


One thought on “Day 18- Of Changes

  1. i miss the old stuff though, it had the human touch .. if you know what i mean..

    we are heading into too much AUTO generation world… what happens if there is no POWER 🙂

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