Day 17- Memories

Today I am a bit nostalgic. A bit sad. My naani passed away last year on 31st May. I loved her a lot. I went for her antim darshan to my native place in Uttarakhand. Here are a few pictures I clicked of/ from the house, where I have spent almost all of my vacations as a child. This is a place I LOVE, more than any other place in this world, even more than my parents home.

This is the pooja room. It has pictures of many Gods along with our ancestors, right in the front is the picture of my mother’s grandfather and great grandfather. This house is a very peaceful place, because so many elders have offered pooja to Gods right from the time this was built some 55 years ago.


These are the views from the front balcony of the house. The pink house you see, once use to be some old government office which was defunct. We children use to go there in the evenings to play. It was a scary looking building in white and blue. then some wealthy ranger bought it and converted it into this beautiful looking house. I just love this house. Also the narrow path which is seen below the pink house, is the way to another very old house, that belongs to a reputed lawyer family. As a kid , I use to sit in this balcony and dreamt of having a house like this of my own..:)

20140601_121811 20140601_130308

Another favourite pass time was to stand at this window (of the room where I use to sleep with my naani), and look outside. There was no net on the window earlier, and it was only the horizontal grill. The view was more clear, and I would spend the whole afternoon sometimes just sitting here and observing the world outside, when everyone else in the house was taking afternoon nap…:) These trees are also recent, earlier the whole area was very clearly visible.


This is the picture from the back side of the house. Once upon a time, this space where two logs are lying, use to be a sort of terrace farm. My naani use to grow greens here. It also had a orange tree, small citrus oranges..


This is the building of the Government Girls Inter College (GGIC) right opposite the house. There is a field in front of the white building, where BTC  training was held every morning. I use to wake up by the drum sounds the teachers use to make. ..:) The GGIC campus is huge, and very beautiful, there are many buildings situated at various levels. This also use to be our play area in the evenings after the school was over. From the other side of the building we could see the state highway on the mountain on the opposite side, and buses use to look like toy cars trading their way up the hills!


This is the town, very crowded now, this concrete development has happened in the last 10- 15 years. Earlier it was much much sparsely populated with very few cars (I guess hardly 3-4 in the 90s), and two wheelers. Today, I am told, that people do not have space to park their vehicles, everyone owns one.

And lastly, these are the pictures I took on my way back. This is Alaknanda river. My naani’s asthi visarjan was done in the same river. I have few pictures of the exact place also, but I do not feel like looking at them again.

Sometimes it feels unreal that she is not with us. She had been around since the time I was born, so she felt like a constant in my life. I had never lost a loved one before, it feels very empty at times.

May her soul rest in peace and if re-births happen, may she get all the health and comforts she could not get in this life.

20140601_180408 20140601_172256


4 thoughts on “Day 17- Memories

  1. Grandparents are always special with the kind of love they shower on us. I think even they leave us they smile upon us and shower their blessings on us all the time.
    Your naani must now have become a smiling angel. May she rest in peace and you, take care. 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for stopping by. Absolutely true, grandparents are very special…I pray and hope that my naani is resting above peacefully and keeps blessing us always!

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