Day 16- Managing without a Maid- 2

So I left the last post here. Yes, managing without a maid is difficult without a help, but I have realized that it is not that bad also. Yes work is more, and very very tiring too most of the times,  but the good thing is that the satisfaction of being able to look after most of the things one your own is also great! I mean, while I do need someone to keep K engaged while I work, having a 12 hours help for that is more than required, and when you have someone at your disposal all the time to help you out with stuff, people like me become a bit lazy, dependent and basically outsource everything. I realized, that the maid around all the time, I was practically spending very little time with K. She would always be busy playing with her didi, did would feed her, bathe her and do all her chores. I was involved mainly in giving directions, and putting her to sleep. Deep inside I did not like it much, but I did not have the courage to throw the maid out on my own, as I was worried what if the pressure increases at work front, how will I manage. But now that she has left on her own, I am learning to manage also. Good part is that in-laws are also local, so I can take their help when needed. I am taking each day as it comes. I have no plans on the maid front right now. I will manage on my own till the time I can. If it becomes too difficult to handle, I will again keep someone, for fewer hours though. In-laws stay in Gurgaon is dependent on SIL’s marriage, so I cannot count on them forever.

As of now, I am just finding ways to make things more organized at home. Husband has also started contributing more and that is a great help. Fact is that now that there is no choice, even he does not crib much. Good part is that K’s is slowly learning to engage herself for small durations. Like, today she played with her colors for around 30-40 minutes, without asking mumma to join in. Touch wood, this is very encouraging. Hopefully, things will be better once she is settled in play school and startes spending more time there.

By the way, on play school also, I have some thoughts going in my mind. Will download them here tomorrow..:)

Tomorrow we have to attend K’s cousin’s first birthday party! So I need to get down to some preparation for that. See you all tomorrow!


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