Day 15- A late post

I could not post yesterday. It was a very busy day and by the time K went to sleep, I was dead tired to do anything. However, I will write two posts today to be back on the track.

As I mentioned earlier, few days ago my mother was here. She had come only for a day to get her health check up done. Since her phone was not working properly, she was using my phone to make any calls, or to send wassap messages to my sister who had just delivered a baby. Now, K uses my phone a lot to listen to the rhymes on the Nursery Rhymes application. Its just a set of rhymes with a picture each, so I am kind of ok giving her my phone for that (not happy though, but that distraction helps sometimes). When she saw that phone was in my mom’s hands most of the time, she got a bit afraid, as she considers it her property! So when mum was sending some message using my phone, she came to me said in a complaining tone..”phone naani…”. Then the clever girl picked up husband’s kindle, and went to mom saying..”Naani…papa ka kitaab lelo…”..:D She thought if naani has to take something, be it papa’s book, that way at least she will get the phone back! I was very surprised. This was the first time she had shown so much reasoning. Till now her thinking and communication seemed linear. But she could come up with something with applied logic, was a totally new thing!

Also, she has now started making stories. As in she can say sentences based on her imagination, not only the ones we say, but she comes up with stuff on her own. Its very funny  most of the times.

Another major thing that has happened in the past few days is, K has now somewhat learnt to wear her payjama. Yes, she was trying for past couple of days, and yesterday she wore her payjama on her own!..:) These firsts are so encouraging and feel good!


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