Day 14- Managing without a Maid-1

Today its been almost 2 weeks that our day time maid left, K’s didi. I had decided that I will not keep anyone for K now, and manage everything on my own. My company allows me to operate from home. I have a cook and a cleaning lady who comes to do the cleaning stuff. However, since I have calls in the evening and regular work during day time, I had kept a separate help for K, who would just play with her, feed her etc and generally keep her occupied. You must be thinking, that I must have been having the time of my life with three maids at my disposal! Answer is, yes, partially. I joined this company in April last year, and truck loads of work came immediately after I joined. I could not manage without having someone to look after K. So I really got a lot of help from the helps during the initial months. Till Oct, I was very occupied at work. However, Nov onwards, things started getting better and my work load reduced. This is when, I started spending too much time with my laptop, while K was busy with her did. I was quite comfortable, as their was not much work I had to do. However, after this maid left, I was truly disappointed because, we had invested a lot in her and trusted her to at least inform us before leaving. She just disappeared one fine day! I was so pissed, that I decided that no more didis for now, I will manage work and the baby on my own. To be honest, with the kind of work pressure I have these days its quite manageable.  K goes to play school, and I have decided to go to office twice a week, leaving K at my in-laws’ place. My work is pretty much on track and I can look after K as well. Yes it is very tiring to take care of the entire house and keep K also engaged, but I can manage this fine, if my back is good. I have severe back pain which needs to be fixed before I can continue with this routine. That is one part. The other part which I have realized, needs to be managed well in order to keep things in control is – good planning and enough stocking!

I have realized in the last few days that if one needs to manage things efficiently and run them smoothly, the most important thing is plan in advance and keep everything well stocked. For example, K’s clothes for the play school next day should be kept ready. Her diapers should always be in stock, and given the winter season, she should have sufficient number of inner wear and thermals to use, if sun does not come out for few days and washed clothes are not dried properly. Therefore, I have decided to follow the following simple steps to keep K’s stuff well stocked and her things planned in advance. I am going to use this as a checklist to ensure that i never run out of things when needed.

1. Plan her snack and clothes the previous night. Each day, every day. Like I know I am going to give her Oranges and strawberries for play school tomorrow. I will ask my cook to cut the strawberries in the morning and peel the orange myself. (I know I should have done it tonight, but I am dead tired and do not want to miss out on this post…:D). Similarly what she is going to wear tomorrow, needs to be sorted in my head today itself. In winters its a torture to dress up kids. So many layers, different clothes according to the temperature variations, it is so frustrating!

2. Keep her diapers always stocked. ALWAYS!

3. Have enough payjamas and slips (under-shirts) in her wardrobe. These days its is so annoying, the clothes just do not dry in one day even if its sunny. the sun is so mild, that you in variably have to dry them in a blower/ heater. Today I bought a pair or payjamas for her and have ordered a set of slips online.

Infact, to add to this, not only these inner wears and thermals; have plenty of clothes for her for every season. Thing is that when maid is there, I just need to load the washing machine, she use to dry them in sun. Now, that the painful task of drying and folding clothes has fallen on my shoulders, with husband pitching in  sometimes, it becomes a pain to wash clothes daily. So ample pairs to avoid any unnecessary chaos.

4. Invest in good activity books/ toys for K. Till now she has always had a dedicated person to play with her. She just does not know how keep herself engaged at all. I know, I cannot expect her to be occupied all the time in her own things, but like some part of the day can be spent with colouring books, some activity toys etc. I will do a thorough research next week and get her some such toys.

5. Have the fruits and other healthy snacks ready always. keeping fruits stocked is fine, as I buy all my groceries on Sunday for the entire week, but snacks department is a challenge, as I am not very good at making healthy snacks for kids. However, I have decided that I will make any 2 storable snacks on the weekend to last for the entire week. I know of a good site too where there are many options, time to make use of them!

I am too sleepy now…I needs to get up on time to reach her play school by 10 am! yes, even 10 am is not easy for us, in this freezing cold weather! See you guys tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Day 14- Managing without a Maid-1

    • Hi Bikram. Yes very true. But the thing is here in india the facilities are also minimal as compared to there. No dishwashers (they are not suited to Indian steel vessels), no separate dryer, the houses are built in a way that dust accumulates every few hours…basically to do the same stuff it requires hell lot of time..:(…But yes I do agree, that you guys do work a lot on the house front too….while it doesnt get paid for, it is hell lot of work…

      • he he he he .. yeah .. here is an idea invent a dishwasher that can wash the big utensils we use 🙂

        and also food cooked in those utensils is surly yummy than cooked in the english pans etc..

        last time when i came to india I bought some of those lovely utensils , it sounds stupid but i found the food more yummy in them .. 🙂

      • he he…but it can be true, vessels play an important role in the taste of the food. Like green sabzi cooks best in iron kadhai. may be..:)

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