Day 11- K’s first day at Play School

While I would have liked to continue with my yesterday’s post here; today something special has happened, and I would like to chronicle that here.

Today was K’s first day at play school. In a way she started her journey of formal education today. Though its only for 2-2.5 hours, where the kids would primarily play, sing songs and do some activities like drawing, coloring etc, but its important as this is her first tryst with people outside her family. Till now she has only been a pampered kid at home. The apple of everyone’s eye, she gets all the attention she demands; however, now the play school will be her stage to see and experience the real world, where everything is not as rosy as it is at home. She will have to be assertive and confident to protect her boundaries; yes she will also meet some wonderful people who will like and love her for what she is, but she will have her share of “teachers”, those who will make her learn the survival skills. We selected this play school based on some very good reviews online. It is one of the high end school in Gurgaon; though that was not the reason for going there. It happens to be closer to my place and I really found the teachers warm and involved when I did my trial visit. Husband also went separately, and we both liked it.

Today I went with K, and was there in her class throughout the one hour that she was there. The teachers did a couple of activities with the kids, K did not participate much, as she was busy exploring the classroom. She was fascinated by the colorful chairs there and the activity charts hung on the walls. She was visibly curious to see so many kids of her age singing songs and jumping here and there. Towards the end of the session, the teachers asked all the kids to have their snacks. Now, I being the desi mom, had taken a paratha and few biscuits for her. However, when K saw other kids’ snack boxes filled with strawberries, oranges, eggs and other such stuff, she got all excited, and started picking up food from their plates! I had to literally stop her and make her sit at a place. I realized, that I also need to make her snack box more interesting from tomorrow..:)

Overall the day today was ok. I am more looking forward to when she will stay by her own in the school without my presence. there was one thing which i found a bit disturbing. Since the school had opened today after the winter vacations, there was a kid, may be a bit older than K, who was continuously crying in the class. He did not even put down his bag, and was sitting with his bag on his shoulders. He kept crying the whole time and wanted to go to hid mommy, who had left him there. Now, I saw that the teachers (both of them) did not make any serious efforts to calm him down. I mean they were trying to sooth him, but for most part he was sitting on his chair and crying while the teachers got busy with other activities for kids. A did (maid) was there with the child, who was picking him up when he said “godi..godi”. She was also trying to distract him. This kind of did not go down well with me, as I would never want K to be left with a maid or alone when she is crying. May there was some other reason which I am unaware of. I have decided to ask the teachers tomorrow. However, when it was snack time, the junior teacher did sit him and fed him with his own hands, all the while talking and distracting him. That was really very nice because she was very patient with the boy, and kept feeding him till he finished his snack. Will only understand this tomorrow when I speak to them.

Unfortunately I have not taken any pictures of K before she left for school today. I will take few tomorrow, as this beginning is worth capturing and remembering…:)

Oh and the selfish me!! How could I forget this. I became a Mausi today..:D

Yes, my kid sister had her first baby today. It was a C-Section, and both the baby and mommy are doing fine. The baby is a bit underweight, but I am sure he will be hale and hearty in few days…:) Krishna, as they have decided to call him, is K’s first real cousin. Time is flying very fast, the sister is the youngest in the family (younger of the twin siblings). I still remember when she was born, I was 3.5 years old, and was very annoyed to suddenly have two babies around me. While none of us three siblings were pampered kids, but sis always had the strong cushioning of being the youngest. She was the least scolded and reprimanded!…But then she deserves it, she had always been the more calm, accommodating and understanding kid. I hope Krishna imbibes these qualities from  her,,:) Wishing her all love and luck always…


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