Day 10- Movie and Locations

I wrote a post yesterday for today. However, had to leave it halfway as it was already 1 am. Now I am not feeling like continuing with the same post. I want to write about something else. I am watching Highway. this is the second time I am watching this movie, but unfortunately this time also, I missed the first half. I loved whatever part of the movie I saw though. Movies should be like this. Shot in real locations. It is so lovely to watch movies which are shot at the right places, in real places. they become so much more convincing! I always have a problem with movies which are either shot in studios (even the outdoors are a set); or shot at wrong locations (movie based in Delhi, but it is clear that it has been shot in Mumbai only!). It just takes away the real pleasure of watching a movie. For me if the locations are convincing, I am already half way through in liking the movie. Highway is one such movie, apart from many other things, the locations are a highlight of the movie. It has been shot on the roads, in real roadways buses, in real streets of Delhi, in real trucks. The locations do half of the talking. They just transport you to those places, you can relate to the characters so much better. This is one of reasons why I like almost all of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Basu Chaterjee movies. Be it Golmaal, Chupke Chupke, Baaton Baaton Mein, Choti Si Baat, all these have been shot at real locations. They were shot in those middle class locations, which formed a key part of the movie. Like the BEST buses and Mumbai roads in Choti si baat, where the hero keeps following the girl all the time, or the Mumbai local in Baaton Baaton Mein, where the cartoonist Amol Palekar tries to woo the demure Tina Munim through his drawings and passing letters to her uncle via other passengers. Contrary to this, the larger than life and almost fake looking mansions of KJo movies. I mean I can still digest the big palace like houses, but a fake Chandani Chowk- a big NO! very difficult to digest. Infact, a movie like Dilli 6, which had no story, was also tolerable, because it explored the old part of Delhi so well. I like the effort put in by film makers in scavenging the right locations for their movies, to make scenes look real, because it is so annoying to see a story set in Delhi, with the hero driving a car with a Mumbai number ..:(

I leave you with a couple of songs from movies where the locations add so much credibility to the scenes.

Look at this song from Choti Si Baat- Amol Palekar riding a scooter in Mumbai:

A scene from Chashmebaddoor. The whole movie was shot in the Delhi of 80’s. Wide roads lined with trees, huge parks, a treat to watch. The room which the friends shared is also a real location, not some studio.

I wanted to post one of the scenes from this classic movie Katha, but individual scenes are not available on You Tube. Therefore posting the link of the entire movie..:) The whole movie is shot in a real chawl. Not only the script and acting by the awesome cast is wonderful, the actual settings just add so much conviction to the movie.

this post will be continued…


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