Day 9- Guests and more

Today turned out to be a totally unplanned day. We started our morning around 8 30 am, and had plans to go to some mall to enjoy some furniture sale. At around 10 30, a batch-mate from my engineering days called, he stays in Delhi and his wife is also from our college only. They were coming to Gurgaon, and wanted to come over. Since our plan was very fluid, I also agreed and he told me that they would reach by 12 30 pm. Since my maid was already half way through the lunch preparation, I decided to order something once they reach. Both husband and I immediately started house cleaning, which continued for around an hour and a half. I gave K a bath, took a bath myself and started waiting for the couple. They have two kids, both older than K, but I was still looking forward for some good company for K.

Finally, it was around 2 30 pm, when the guests turned up. The guy, my batch-mate had some work, so he dropped the wife and the kids at our place and left, to join  us back in an hour or so. The moment the kids entered the living room, I thought to myself, that today would be an active day. They gathered around K’s toys, and within few minutes our living room was a mini play area. Toys spread all over the room and both the siblings fighting over every toy! No, I am not complaining at all. After having a child of my own I am perfectly ok with all this. However, the siblings just did not show any interest in my little daughter. Little K, kept roaming here and there, very surprised by the fact, that how come no one is interested in her antics. She is so used to attention from her parents, dada daadi and bua, that she felt strange when everyone in the room was busy in their own things, including Mommy, who was catching up with aunty. The wife was also my batch- mate and use to stay in the room opposite mine in the hostel. Anyway, after I noticed that my baby was getting bored, I ensured that I paid attention towards her and also made the siblings involve her as well.

Catching up with P (the wife), was fun after a long time. though we were neighbours in hostel, we were never friends. We only started talking to each other frequently, after both of us shifted to Delhi few years ago. Now that both of us are mommies, we did catch up once in a while. However, since we had the same graduation history; there was a lot to talk about. Along with it the mommy experiences, we were definitely not short of topics.

Then we ordered pizzas. The kids were super excited. I just love to see the excitement in kids for food!! the moment they heard that pizza was being ordered, both the siblings gathered around their mother, and started telling their preferences. Once we ordered the pizza, they would come after every 2 minutes asking if pizza had arrived..:D When it finally came, it was all chaos around. The girl was busy picking out vegetables from the toppings, the boy was curious to know if cheesy dip had also come with garlic bread. It was total fun to watch the kids enjoy the pizza treat so much.

Post the lunch, the kids again got busy with all the hullabaloo. After some time the room was as if someone had just shaken the entire house. there was no space on the floor to walk! K had special fun with P. She would see her and start singing..”nayi paai laayenge ..kaava ko banayenge..” (a line from “Chanda maama door ke”). She would start her up and down dance and keep on singing this song every time she saw P showing even a teeny weeny bit of interest in her. It was so much fun! Once I said..”baby, aunty so gayi hain ab..”, so K quickly changed her tone, and started singing the same two lines in a lower volume just like a lullaby..:D Both P and I had so much fun watching her! She kept on doing the same till the end of the evening. Kids are so innocent, she actually thought that she was doing something absolutely novel and wonderful!

Contrary to the pre decided time, A (the friend) did not turn up on time, and the evening kept getting extended. While I was enjoying it, I was not mentally prepared to playing host for so long. I had a bad back today, and sitting for long hours was proving to be very painful. However, in between we had another set of guests, the good old couple friend, with their daughter, who is of K’s age also turned up. However, they left soon, and it turned out that the first set of guests would have dinner also at our place only. By this time the friend had also come back. Since both husband and him are from Lucknow, it was kind of easy for them to bond. I quickly arranged for the dinner, nothing fancy, but whatever was cooked at home was presented in a better manner. By now, the K was totally exhausted and had reached her hyper stage where she just keeps falling down here and there and singing all random rhymes and songs which she knew. The set of siblings were also quite tired and were fighting at the drop of a hat! Finally, the guests left at around 8 30 pm. thankfully, on the mom’s instructions, the son had collected all the toys in the toy basket. The living room was at least walk-able. Both husband and I were too tired by that time. Still, we did spent our customary half an hour talking about the guests, where I told him stories from our college days and about the love story of the couple. It was kind of refreshing for me to reminiscence the good old days.  We put K to sleep and I sat with my laptop to type this post..:)

I have a learning from today. We need to do something to our house to make it look better. We moved here 5 years back, and have actually not invested much in doing up the place. However, today, I realized that its high time we do something about it! No, its not that the guests said anything directly or indirectly about this, but I somehow got this feeling, that having a good looking home (not necessary expensive, but at least done up nicely) is not a luxury but a requirement. Both husband and I are not very keen on this department and generally do not take any initiative. This year, we will.

That is all for today. I have typed this post while watching TV, so pls ignore if it looks disconnected at places.


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