Day 8- K Updates

Its been a long time since I chronicled stuff about K. She is about to turn 2 in March. Time really flies. It seems it was just yesterday we celebrated her first birthday, and we are already thinking about her second birthday now! K is learning new things every day. Mainly in the area of communication. She started speaking early, and now can not only frame complete sentences, but also joined “papa ke saath bua ke ghar jaayenge” or “ Mumma, flavuch (flowers) vaai book padhado”. Sometimes she makes funny sentences or funny correlations and we are in splits. Capturing stuff I remember from last few days here before I forget:

  1. Last week I was dropping her to my In-Laws’ place when I went to office. When I came back in the evening to pick her up, my MIL would say bbye to her and add – “kal milna” (meet us tomorrow). Third day, when we entered the lift, K said..bye bye daadi..”kau minnaa”…(she still cannot say L)..My MIL for once could not understand, then I told her she is just repeating what you say everyday…:)
  2. Touch wood, I am not complaining, but K’s pastime is eating or talking about food. Even when she is not hungry and she hears someone talking about any food item, she immediately starts demanding that. So we have to be very careful while taking names like Orange, Chocolate, pastry, grapes, cheese..etc. Infact, sometimes when I tell her..”K ..main tumhe ek cheez deti hun” (K let me give you something), she immediately rushes towards the refrigerator asking for cheese. So I have to be very careful! I sing a song for her- which has a line..”kaun kehta hai bhagwaan aate nahi…” ..”kaun kehte hain bhagwaan khaate nahi..”.. etc…whenever I start singing that song, she immediately starts saying..”kaun kehte hai bhagwaan khaate nai”…she just wants to listen to the “khaate” part..! I gave her Chawanprash the other day. She liked it so much, that after finishing one spoon, she comes back to me..Mumma doosha. (give me another spoonful). Eating and talking about food is her favourite activity.
  3. She already has preferences for her clothes. These days due to winters I make her wear multiple layers. One day I made her wear a jacket. She loved it so much, that from day onwards, she started demanding that she be given only jackets to wear, not sweaters. When I tried to make her wear a sweater, she just refused and stared saying..jacket pehnegi! I was really surprised, such a small kid, and already has her own preferences.
  4. Similarly, one day I made her wear her pants and then socks. I somehow felt that the socks might be pressing too much against her skin, so I asked .”tight to nahi hai?”. I knew she does not know the meaning of tight, but still I said it. After few days, I again made her wear something like this. She looked at me and said..”Mumma, Tight to nai hai?”..:D She had understood the meaning of what I said the other day and was smart enough to use it at the right place..:)
  5. After the “Lakhan” joke, about which I have written here; we narrated the incident to a couple of friends and family members. K was listening every time we talked about it and laughed. She gathered that something was not ok with what she had said. After that, when husband asked her again..”K..One two ka four..four two ka one..My name is…?” K said..”My name is Kaava Puitha” ..:D We were so surprised; her little brain had done the analysis that saying Lakhsn here was something funny, so she immediately jumped to the answer she thought was appropriate..:D
  6. She can now recognize Gandhiji and Modi. So she opens my purse, takes outs currency notes and says ..”Mumma, Gandhiji lelo..”..:D. The other day we were crossing a signal, and there was a huge hoarding of Modi with the Haryana CM, she looked at it and shouted..Modi Ji..Modi Ji..:D
  7. However, she is also becoming more naughty and adamant with every passing day. Its very difficult to make her listen to what is being said. Whenever I try to scold her, or direct her to do something like picking up her toys from the floor etc, she totally ignores me and carries on with whatever she is doing, pretending as if I do not exist at all! This is scary. I need to learn the mechanism of handling her soon, otherwise I may be a troubled mommy soon!
  8. She starts her preschool on coming Monday. I am quite excited about it. With the maid gone, I am very happy that she will be away for 2-3 hours, which means that many less hours to keep her occupied! Apparently the play school is one of the best in Gurgaon. I have read some great reviews about it; so hopefully, she will learn some good stuff there and more importantly enjoy herself.

That is it for today..see you guys tomorrow with a new post. I should do a picture post sometime. I have never tried that.


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