Day 5- Nothing in general

This has to be a bullet point post, as my laptop battery is dying and I cannot connect it to power right now. So here it goes..

  1. Today was day 4 without maid. It feels weird. I have had an all day househelp, right from the time I had K. When I did not have one, I was at my parents’ place. But after this episode, we have decided not to go with anyone for the time being. We will manage on our own and see how it goes. I am still getting used to not having someone to cater to K all the time.
  2. My parents sent gaajar ka halwa through courier, and we just received the packet. It is great in quantity and taste too!!..yay!! perks of staying close to home..:)
  3. K has become so talkative and intelligent. Touch wood. Today when I was bringing her back from my in-law’s place, she entered the lift and said- bbye daady..ka’ aana..(kal aana). Everyday my MUL says this to her when she gets in the lift…:D
  4. We saw PK the other day on CD. Husband had bought this CD which was very good in quality. I found the movie OK. I guess those who have seen O My God, will not find the concept very novel. Its primarily the same thing wrapped in a better package. I loved Sushant Singh Rajput though! He brings so much freshness to the screen. I loved the romantic song on him and Anushka. Talking about Anushka,, what has happened to her lips??? Though I did find her hairstyle cute and her acting good, I did not like her new lips. She looked absolutely OK earlier. There was no need for this lip job. Overall, I think the movie was average. I think Raju Hirani did a better job in Munnabhai series and 3 idiots.
  5. I am desperately waiting for winters to go away now. Its very cold here, and I hate this job of wearing multiple clothes to keep the cold at bay. Honestly, I do not have many options in winter clothing. I find spending money on good (read expensive) clothes in winters very wasteful. They are so expensive, and you only get to wear them all for two months in the entire year!! Non winters is so much better!

So battery remaining is only 10%, and the system is about to die. See you folks tomorrow with a better post I hope.


4 thoughts on “Day 5- Nothing in general

  1. -3 today outside 🙂 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I also enjoyed watching PK , its good they have a similar concept with OMG but still both are different in many ways.. I enjoyed watching both..

    • Ha! I wonder how people live in such cold weather…It was extremely cold here today, I saw a white man roaming around in just a shirt!!…then i realized inke hisaab se to suhaana mausam hai..:D

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