Day 4- Dreams

I see a dream each time I sleep. I am not sure if this is true for everyone. Husband says, that for him, dreams do not come every time. I do not remember the last time I slept and woke up without having seen one. Dreams make me feel different. I am never able to describe any particular emotion which I go through in my dreams to anyone when I wake up. As in, if I see a romantic dream, I can never wake up and explain exactly what it felt like in the dream. Similarly, if its a sad dream, I can never capture the emotions I have gone through while sleeping in words when I get up. This amuses me. Sometimes I wonder, If I were to record every dream of mine first thing in the morning, it would create an interesting chronicle. I guess the emotions in my dreams are purer that those in the actual life. They are just unadulterated. I mean, they just feel so surreal when I wake up. While I may not remember the entire dream after i wake up, or by end of that day, sometimes the emotion stays, it lingers on till the end of day..until I fall asleep and get up with a new dream. Sometimes it stays for days, I mean not that I am thinking about it all the time, but I can still “taste” it when I think of that particular dream. I am not sure if this is making any sense. But it is the best I can describe this experience. I have read that dreams have a certain connection to our subconscious. What we dream of, reflects to a certain extent our state of mind and life in real terms. May be that is true, but I am sure this connection is not very simple to understand.

Do you also feel something similar? Pls do share your experience…

I want to end this post with this song:


One thought on “Day 4- Dreams

  1. I do agree that it reflects but I think it more of what we did during the day or what we were thinking before going to bed.
    I do dream but I can never remember the whole of it..

    Although I feel that we need to dream to make sure our dream comes true.

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