Day 3- A day well spent

Before I forget, I need to chronicle this here:

K is very fond of songs, Husband and I both sing a lot of songs for her. One of them is “One two ka four…four two ka one…my name is Lakhan..” from Ram Lakhan. She kind of knows these songs now and very often sings them herself. The other day, at my In- law’s place, my MIL asked K to say her name…in order to make her say it properly, MIL said..”aapka naam kya hai?…bolo my name is….”…and K promptly jumped and said..Lakhan!!!

MIL was surprised, then I explained to her…this is what she knows about “My name is..” and all of us burst in to a laughter! Kids are so innocent and cute…J

We had a good day today. I was finally able to take an interview as a volunteer for one of the partition survivor for- I will blog about it in detail in some later post. However, the only thing which I felt after the interview was, the experience which it gave me. I was humbled to say the least. We crib about our lives day in and day out, I was really shaken by the first-hand experience of an elderly uncle who migrated from Narowal, Pakistan to India in 1947.  They have seen what is called struggle. What we define as our difficult life is a cake walk in front of that. I am yet to compile the video and the complete content in order, and share it with the archive; but I am already looking forward to another interview which I plan to conduct in January itself. A schools friend’s naani is a partition survivor and stays in Delhi. I am so thankful for social connectivity these days. I could touch base with so many of my school friends to give me references if they had any. While I am no more active on FB, I re-logged into it just to touch base with people for this purpose only.

So first half today I travelled all the way to East Delhi to complete my interview. Second half we went to a friend’s place, who are expecting their first child. We went there with another couple friend who have a daughter of same age as K. It was fun, except for the later part when husband started getting irritated, because we were not sticking to the so called time limit we had set for ourselves. Overall, it is fun being in happy company. And yes, we also played antakshari while coming back. Ha1 after so long I played antaakshari. It was fun for whatever time it lasted, as K started getting cranky, and I had to sing her choice of songs in loop.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I would be going to office starting tomorrow, for this complete week. I am hopeful, that I will get time to write more meaningful posts starting tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “Day 3- A day well spent

  1. I am looking forward to reading the interview , we take everything for granted but Those are the real people whom we should be thnkful because what we have now is because of them sadly majority of us have forgotten it all

    • Thanks Bikram. I will surely share the link once it is up on the site. Uncle started crying the moment he began narrating the episode, i was just speechless!

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