Day 2- Sale Sale

Today was an eventful day. K’s maid, who we trusted a lot, left suddenly without informing us. I came to know through someone that she is pregnant! She had not told us this, and it was obviously not visible. The story which has come out till now is a long one, and I will wrote about it and my thoughts on it here may be tomorrow. The whole of first half was spend doing this analysis only as to why she left suddenly. 2nd half we went to a mall. Today off season sale has started in all places. It was mad! We reached Ambience mall at around 4 pm. K was very cranky. All shops, as in ALL of them had display boards shouting Up To- 50% off! We entered Mother Care, to discover that the store was overcrowded and people were buying winter clothes as if we stay in the Himalayas! I was really taken aback by the amount of spending people can do during sale. Some were carrying 10-12 pieces with them to the bill counter. I could hardly buy anything- just a pair of pants and shirt for a new born. We came out, as K was becoming increasingly cranky, we rushed through a couple of other shops, all overflowing with buyers. Then I spotted UCB on the ground floor, it was almost 5 30 pm by then. I entered the store with a lot of enthusiasm. However, to my utter disappointment, I found the store totally robbed of anything wearable. Only XL, XXL and XS sizes were remaining and that too in a haphazard manner. The shoe section was lying almost empty with only a couple of pair here and there. I was amazed! It was like a loot. I almost had tears in my eyes!! It is painful to be not able to pick up stuff on sale. My heart will cry when I will be buying the same stuff after few days on full price. I could have still scavenged the place for something for my size, but K had started crying so loudly that I had to rush out of the store upon hearing her voice. She was with husband, outside the store. By now, both of us were so irritated with constant howling of K, that we decided to leave. And, we came back home, carrying almost nothing from a mall which had SALE written all over it!
I am still hopeful, that I will be able to procure some clothes for summers from this sale. This year, one of my unwritten resolutions is to look good and presentable just like my pre K days, and a good wardrobe is key to that…


2 thoughts on “Day 2- Sale Sale

  1. reminds me of last year I was up and in a queue at 5am in morning to get into Next for the boxing day sales.. 🙂 this year did not bother , I went to the sales but as you said by the time i reached everything was gone ..

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