Happy New Year- Day 1

Happy New Year to all!

I am inspired to do a 30 days blog marathon. I did try one last year, but I could only go half way through. This year though I am one day late, but I really want to complete my first Blog Marathon this year. I just checked my posts from last year and realized that I had not made any new year resolutions last year. Anyway, here is a snapshot of the year gone by, before I record my resolutions for this new year here.

1. 2014 was an ok year from all perspectives. The best thing that happened though was that I joined work after a break of one year and got a role, where my being in office was not needed everyday. I could operate from home. I used this opportunity to maximum and have been working from home since April. This has been a very helpful, as I could work and look after K also at the same time. Though I had to hire a slew of house helps for that, but still it was any day better than putting K in a day care.

2. I became better at managing my home. The testimony to that is, that my MIL did not complain this time after she visited us. Infact , she was kind of impressed with the way I was in control of most of the things at home. I am very happy with this change, as it gives me immense satisfaction to see a better managed home. I acquired this weird habit of keeping the bathrooms at home spic and span all the time. I know it is a good habit, but there were days, when I was doing all this cleaning even while getting late for some important work, or even on days, when my back was almost dead! Anyway, overall, this is something I am really satisfied with.

3. I realized that health is the only most important thing among many other things which we perceive as important. My father came to Gurgaon to get his prostrate tested. However, in the course of investigation it emerged that his ESR levels were very high, which is an indication of a chronic infection. Doctor advised a slew of investigations which took almost 1.5 months . During this period, I was under immense stress. I read the whole of internet to find out what all can happen if the ESR is so high. Those days were really bad. I was waiting with bated breath for the final outcome. Thank God, the ESR was taken again and it came out normal. I have decided now that yearly health checkup for parents is to be conducted no matter how much they insist that they are healthy and do not need any investigations.

For 2015, I have few very basic things in mind which I plan to achieve:

  • HEALTH- I have been avoiding my back exercises for too long now. This year has to be the year of good health. I have reached a now or never situation! My health is going to be a prime focus this year

  • Skill Enhancement- I plan to upgrade my work related skills. Right now my role in the current organization is not very great. I plan to do a couple of certifications this year. Good thing is, I have already enrolled for one, which is due in February. Another key certification I plan to do by June 2015. Also, I plan to create a mark in my workplace. While I am right now also not in a bad place, but I want to become the go-to girl here. And the good part is, that this should not be very difficult, given my experience. So yes, this is another key focus area for this year.

  • Minimal Time Wastage- I have realized that, half of my stuff does not get done on time, because I waste a lot of time thinking and doing nothing. This year I seriously want to work on this front. Logging off from office mail at 6 pm sharp, if I am done with the day’s work. No sitting idle and “doing nothing”. I do this so much…just sit and think about stuff which is not in my control. This year, I have to get rid of this habit, no matter what. This will give me more time, and along with it lots of mental peace.

  • NO WASTAGE- Along with time, I also need to stop wastage of any kind in my house. No wastage of medicines, (which are bought and never consumed), food, or any other stuff. So many times it happens, that we but stuff, and it is never put to any use. I just want to curb this habit to death this year!

  • Social Life- We have a very dull social life here in Gurgaon. There is a limited number of people we meet, and there too, we hardly invite anyone home for a proper lunch/ dinner/ tea. I mean friends do come over, but we do not host any parties. I want to change this in 2015. I will host at least 4 get togethers at my place this year. Let me see if I am able to meet my target.

I guess, thats it, while there are many other things, but these are the prime ones I wish to improve/ achieve this year. Once again a very very Happy New Year to you. See you tomorrow with a new post.


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