Day 26- A post from phone

This is what happens towards the end of a marathon. I am too tired to even open my laptop. I was thinking of not posting anything today. This has anyway been a better marathon for me compared to the previous ones I had taken up. So I was kind of thinking of calling it quits. However, then I thought now that I have come so far why not carry on till the end, and therefore this saver post from the phone. Both K and I were better today, however not fit enough to make it to the cocktail party tomorrow. So the whole clan would be there at the sangeet and cocktails tomorrow while us mother daughter duo will lie at home far from all the fun and merry making…:( I cannot even describe the feeling of disappointment. This is so cruel…:(.  I so wanted to attend this function. Anyway, now I can only console myself that at least we will be able to make it to the wedding on the 30th.
I want to stand on my roof top and shout and pray to the Gods to please end the winter season for us. Its been a painfully long winter here. By now, ideally it should be sunny and warm during day time. Instead, it is so windy that its painful to even stand in the balcony during day time. I am a summer born, and can tolerate any amount of heat during summers, I hardly crib. But winter is something I just  cannot stand.
So let me call it a day now. See you with a equally mundane post tomorrow..:D


Day 25- Of Blogging and Marathon

Firth the health updates- I was slightly better today, but K is more or less in same state. From tomorrow husband starts his office, and we too will be alone at home. I have a choice of going to my in-laws place, which I am not very keen on taking up, as its a lot of hassle, take everything along like my laptop, K’s clothes for changing etc, and then come back in the evening. So I may take it up only if absolutely needed. Else, both of us will bore each other the entire day tomorrow staying in a closed room!

This blog marathon has done one good thing. There is so much stuff to read, there are so many people posting everyday, I have discovered a lot of new blogs, Most people are writing about their day to day lives in this 30 days marathon. Its not very easy to come up with a topic oriented meaningful post everyday. So the best option is to post about the day’s happenings, and reading a couple of posts from any blog gives almost the complete story about the blogger. Its is so interesting and fascinating to read about so many different people and their lives. There are some patterns also. Like two of the patterns I have discovered- blogs of women living in the west. They all talk about similar things- the snow, the daycare, the weekly planning of food, the weekend trips to near by places, eating at some place called- Chiptole (i have not googled, but it seems like a great place to eat). There day to day lives comprise mainly of the above things. Obviously very logical, as the lifestyle of people living their is pretty much the same. The other set of blogs which I have come across are the bloggers from the southern part of India. There posts are alos very similar. Its the talk about food in these blogs which generally directs that they are from South of India. i am not very sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I come across a lot of blogs from these two sets of people.

We have wedding coming up in the family on the 30th Jan. On 28th there is the cocktail party. It is husband’s cousin’s marriage, who he is very fond of. We all were very excited about this wedding till K and I fell sick..:( I had though that I would take a couple of leaves and go to stay at the shaadi vaale ghar in advance. However, now that does seem to be materializing, because given our conditions, we are doubtful if we will be able to make it to the cocktail party..:( It is so disappointing. And the saree i bought, about which I have posted earlier- that was purchased for the cocktail party only. Now, I will wear it the next day of wedding, when we have non stop poojas at home. Let us see. I am yet to do the preparation for the wedding as the blouse needs to be sent for fitting and jewellery etc needs to be sorted. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day, and I will be able to step out of this room and get my stuff ready. I do not want to attend this wedding too in a rush, like the way I end up doing at most weddings. In the past due to work pressure, I would always leave things to last minute, and then land up at weddings, in less than the preparation I would have actually liked to do. Its very disappointing, believe me; when your earnings do not go that well with the saree; or your hair is just not the way you had actually wanted. Hopefully, this time it will be better.

See you guys tomorrow. Gn.

Day 24- Of Vacations

I am still not well, and now I am totally hating all this. Today was straight 4th day in row when I have been living on medicines. Body is now totally exhausted, and have no patience to tolerate it any further. Along with that a daughter, who is at an age where she just does not understand anything. It is so frustrating at times, the one way communication, you shout at her and she keeps doing stuff her own way without even acknowledging that she is being spoken to. I have a bad headache today, I asked husband to press my head, while he was at it, K who was jumping around on the bed from one end to the other saw this, and became all excited to be a part of it. She came near me and started pressing my neck and throat with full force to participate in this communal activity! She used all her power, and I had to literally push her away to save myself!! Man, it is so chaotic…in all this chaos, she spill the glass of milk lying on the back rest of the bed..:( And then she snatches the wiping cloth from my hand to clean it on her own…:( I had tears in my eyes. I seriously wish that both of us get well soon. I can not handle this any more.

Now to justify the title of this post (I wanted to write a post on or Goan vacation last month), here are some pictures from that trip. I love Goa.







PS: I do not want to leave this marathon in between because of bad health. Therefore I plan to post everyday, even if the post is as senseless as above..:(

Day 23- Mommy Guilt when you shout at your almost 2 years old, because she is not sleeping after being in the “put me to sleep” mode for around an hour and a half! Both K and I are not well, and its so difficult to handle an unwell child when you yourself are  not well. She is cranky for no rhyme or reason and I am running high fever and bad cold, and therefore am at my impatient best. I must have shouted at her more than a couple of times today. And the very next moment I feel so guilty, its not her fault, but the situation is so helpless, I have zero patience to tolerate her tantrums. I asked the cook to prepare soup for her, we spread a mat on the bed and I was trying to feed her, when she kicked the bowls and all the soup spilled! Phew! I was so annoyed. The she took almost 2 hours to go to sleep. With her in my laps, she kept demanding songs of her choice for those two hours, I get so tired singing with a bad throat, and my legs had started aching…Man raising kids is just no fun on such days. Infact it is no fun at all. This weather has made life very difficult here. We cannot even step out of our room, where the heater is on 24X7. Rest of the house is freezing! This is the worst winters I have seen here in India in my entire life. It was never so bad earlier. There is no sun altogether for days. I just hope and pray that this painful weather gives way to some good sunny days so that we can at least step out start feeling normal again.

Husband is also tired taking care of a sick wife and child. I am afraid that he does fall sick now. We can not afford that. See you guys tomorrow now, hopefully with better health.

Day 22- The 101th Post

I published the previous post and just got this message in my inbox, that I have made 100 posts on this blog! YAY! celebration time..:)

Not sure if I have mentioned earlier, but this is my second blog. Earlier I had a non anonymous blog, which was known to family and friends, and where I used to write mostly funny stuff. However, I realized that I was not being able to express myself freely, so I decided to close it, and start this anonymous space. No one knows about it, except husband. Even he did not know till sometime back, when accidentally he discovered it on my system, and now knows the URL. I kind of wanted to keep it totally anonymous. Am I liking it. Yes. Till now I am enjoying this anonymity. While I know that not many people or rather very few people read this, but I am still satisfied, that I can write whatever I can without the fear of being judged. That is a great feeling.

I started this blog back in 2011, but this has been active only since last year, and I am so glad that I have completed 100 posts here..:)

I hope that it does not take me so long to complete another century here.

Day 21- A short post

I could not post yesterday, as I was very unwell, down with flu and fever. Though I wanted to post at least the status to make for a post yesterday, I just could not sit in front of my laptop. Today is no different. I still have fever, and unfortunately even K is running high fever.

I will keep this post short. With both of us sick, husband was on leave yesterday as well as today. The cook also feel ill, so he had to take of breakfast also, so overall a screwed day for all of us. Tomorrow will take K to the doctor, to ensure that it is nothing more than viral. A long weekend starts in India, and the next week is also busy for us, as one of husband’s cousins is getting married. So hopefully, I will be able to schedule few posts for the coming week, as I seriously want to complete this marathon this year..!


Day 20- Those small things and love at first sight

I have realized lately, that 50%-60% of the stress I take at any given moment is due to some very small things which if taken care of properly and on time,  would wipe out the tress they cause. For example, I am working on my laptop, and the battery remaining is around 50%. I know that I need to plug the charger to avoid any loss of data due to dying battery. However, if I procrastinate it till the very last moment when the system starts beeping, I will have uncalled for stress for that next half an hour for which the battery lasts. This stress is totally avoidable. My concious mind does not even know, that every time I am seeing the battery indicator on my screen, it is causing me stress, Just by being a bit less lazy, I can get rid of this unnecessary stress! Yes on the broad front I do have many tensions at any given point of time, like safety of my daughter, performance at work, parents’ health- now these are real issues. Issues that need work and constant attention. However, phone not charged fully before stepping out of the house in the morning, clothes not put in the machine on Friday night itself, not having breakfast, and then eating junk at around 11 am, and later repenting…unnecessary stress. This is totally manageable and avoidable. There are many day to day activities which if not taken care of at the right time lead to stress. Have a marriage in the family, which you know of months in advance, but you wake up only one week before to realize that your blouse with the saree you want to wear is un-stitched. Then you either rush in the last minute and pay extra to get it stitched or wear something else, and later feel bad, because you could not look your best! You got it right..totally avoidable. The fact is that since I am quite unorganized, this happens a lot with me. Off late though I have tried to get better at it, by trying to be more proactive and planning in advance for stuff; but the ongoing activities during the day- like charging phone before the battery hits the red mark! I am still far from proactive. The inertia is too high to get out of the mode of comfort and get up to address such things immediately. And as I write this I realize that the phone battery is about to die, I better charge it now, else I would be inviting unwanted stress this evening…:)


Do you believe in love at first sight? I do when it comes to clothes..:) specially sarees. Saree is something, if it does not catch my eye in the first instance, its very difficult for me to like it. Generally its the first glance, in which I select my sarees, whether it is the colour, or the pattern, or sometimes just the fibre, that I fall for in a saree. For K’s bday last year, I went to a shop for a saree with my SIL. We saw a very beautiful saree at a store, and I loved it that very instant. However, since the color was a bit on the lighter side, SIL suggested that it would not suit the occasion much as it was K’s first bday, and the saree looked a little less gorgeous! Did I mention, that I am not very great at confidence on my own choices..:( I went with her to another shop, and there we were going through other sarees the shopkeeper was showing. Since I kept saying no to almost all of them, he asked me directly..” Madam, what do you have in mind..It seems you already have made up your mind as to what kind of saree you want, and therefore you are not considering other options!” (Honestly I was surprised, either he was great at analysing his customers, or it was too obvious in my behaviour!). However, after many sarees, he insisted I drape this bright yellow one; while I did not like much, but on everyone’s insistence tried it. Somehow, in the showroom light, it looked great. I bought that piece. Though I still had this thought somewhere in my mind that if I had more money, I would have selected that other saree as well..:)

I wore that saree for K’s birthday, and many people complimented as well; but till today, I have the image of that first saree in my mind, and I still feel that i should have gone for the first one!

Similarly, yesterday, I went to but a saree for an upcoming wedding in the family. I went alone, as I shop best when alone, else I get confused by the choices of people with me. So I went to a couple of shops, and finally entered this shop which had some good stuff. He showed me many sarees, I tried a couple of them, and when I was almost about to give up, my eyes lay on this beautiful tomato red saree under the counter. I immediately knew, this was the one I wanted to buy. I draped it, checked myself, and made up my mind in less than a minute. Just to ensure I was not being impulsive, I left the shop and checked out a couple of other shops, but all this while the red saree hovered in my mind, and I knew I had found my choice. I came back to the same shop and picked it up..:)

Here are the pics of the two sarees I had liked earlier..I really loved the black one, but black is considered inauspicious in our marriages, and therefore had to let it go.



And here is the one which I finally bought..:) I could not take a picture with this one draped as mobile data was slow and I was not being able to send these pictures to husband..:)


I am glad this time I stick to what I loved at the first sight..:)

PS: Pls pardon the way I have edited the photo as I do not have a better application than MS Paint on my machine for picture editing…:(