Tag Time

Its 11 33 PM here. I am just done with my work for today. Husband is snoring in the other room and K is also sleeping peacefully in her cot. Touchwood! (I am afraid she will be up before I am done with this post and this would also go into drafts and lie there like many other unfinished posts)

Anyway, not wasting any more time, I will straight away jump to this Tag, which I picked from Pepper’s blog, while going through her old posts. I have truck loads of stuff going on in my mind these days, I am really very excited to start putting them here before something else comes up and this sense of urgency withers away. However, before that to get into the groove again, I want to make this place active and live. Just to have some fun, a Tag after a long time..

1. What is the significance behind your blog name/title and the name you have chosen(if) for yourself.
I love skirts and I love dupattas. There was a time when I was 10 kgs lighter, and I had a fabulous collection of skirts in my wardrobe. Ah! those times. I had these 3 very pretty knee length skirts- 2 from UCB and 1 from Provogue (I remember the brands so well because of what happened to them). I was in LOVE with them. I was complimented every time I wore them, and given that I was in pretty good shape then, I can now imagine, that they must have looked really nice (on me..;-)). I went to Mumbai for an assignment and my PG roommate, did not lock the cupboard it seems (we shared a cupboard..:(..), and when I came back I realized that all the three skirts were missing!! I doubted the maids, and had a strong feeling that my doubt was true. Anyhow, the damage was done. After that, I must have visited every UCB store in the town and checked their design booklets to see if similar patterns were coming any time in future, but in vain. I still feel sad for those lost pieces..:( One of the major reasons why I want to get back in shape is that I want to look good in skirts and want to have that freedom of picking up any style without thinking how it would look on me!

Ha! long story…but I had to write this. And yes Dupattas…I just love these pieces of cloth! Currently I have 9 dupattas, which I have picked without having any matching salwaar kameez to go with them..:/ Yes. I now plan to buy some material for salwaars, so that all of them can be soon put to use. I love Dupattas.

So when, I decided to create this blog, which is my 2nd blog (the first one has been made private for the time being, it had the more humorous side of me), I wanted to pick something which I really loved..and skirts and dupattas they are!

I was named by my parents. But I have a fun story to share here. My kundali alphabet was “D”. So the panditji is suppose to give a name with that alphabet. The panditji who had come for my naamkaran named me- “Dablee Devi”!! I am not sure why he chose to do that to me. Not that this name is used anywhere, but my siblings know this name, and they do not leave any opportunity to make fun of me using this amazing raashi name!!

2.  What inspired you to start blogging?

Some really good blogs. Prats.co.in to be precise. Its a friend’s blog.

3.  In your list of pictures, how many are selfies?.

ha ha..hardly any..and the ones which are there..are all delete worthy!. I guess I am past that age of selfie obsession, rather fad came much later. I just do not understand this obsession with self images!

4. Name a place in India and one abroad that you really would want to visit or re-visit.
There are many places. Abroad- would be all of them. I have only been to Thailand till now. India- it would be North East.

5. What is your daytime job when you are not moonlighting as a ‘city vigilante’, err, or a blogger? (Sorry, just saw Spiderman2)
I work in the area of Data Security and Privacy in a big MNC.

6.  What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about yourself?
Oh..I am amazing..truly! :D..But I guess, I am very honest in my dealings and very straightforward. many people have told me that they find this very amazing!

Annoying- you need to ask others..:D

7.  What is the most amazing thing and the most annoying thing about the opposite sex?

Very general. Thing which I find amazing in opposite sex is a good sense of humor.

8.  Everyone asks about love. I want to know how important do you think lust is in a relationship?

Hmm..quite important!

9.  What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

This. Spending time reading/ writing late into the night!!

10. How much time do you take to get ready for work?
Depends. But I do not think it has ever exceeded 30 minutes.

11. Last but not the least, where and how do you see yourself in ten years from now?
Ha! I would love to see myself making a film! or at least writing stories which are picked up by bollywood biggies for their movies..;-)..You see I am dreamy that ways..:)


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