K turns 18 months

..and the best part is that the little girl can now make complete sentences…:)…:)

From monosyllabic dialogues, my daughter has graduated to making sentences like..”mama khilayegi..”..”paani piyogi…”…”papa aa gayi…”….”paak jaayenge..”….and many such cute things..:)

Just like when a child walks it a important milestone, listening your child make complete sentences and understand the surroundings better is equally exciting! She is a chatterbox these days, she runs around the whole house , shouting, whatever she hears, and constantly blabbering. the best part is that now her understanding of things is improving very fast. She is no more a small baby trying to communicate only through actions or sounds. She can now talk. You ask her questions, and she listens, thinks and then tries to come back with the most appropriate answer she know. Its lovely watching her do that. We celebrated her 18 months bday with 2 cakes, sent by her bua and mausi. K was so excited to see the cakes, that she literally pulled me by my hand to the fridge, to take out the cake and give her…:) I plan to send her to play school soon. The kid has too much energy and I am finding it very difficult to keep her entertained all day. Here are few things which I would want to capture here from her recent antics:

1. These days owing to my work schedule, I was sleeping very late and therefore, husband was the one who would get up and spend time with K in the morning. She surprisingly has started waking up at 6 am! Neither me nor the husband are up by then. So yesterday, when she got up in her crib, she looked around to find the two of us sleeping. She got up and started calling out to her dad..”papa…papa…” in a tone, which we use for calling someone in the house. I was so amused when husband told me this later…:)

2. For kids, their parents are their world..especially the mom. Few days back my sister was feeding her dinner. I was also standing in the same room and was busy talking to my mother about something. Suddenly she came running to me and wrapped her arms around my waist and said..”gamm..gamm..”. The food was hot and she thought its best to complain to her mom, as she can set everything right…:) It was such a cute moment, i animatedly told my sister..” are K ko garam khana mat khilao bhai..”. Listening to this K smiled at me and jumped back towards sis to eat her food…:)

3. When she first started picking up verbs, she would simply copy what we said…like when she wanted to drink water, she would say..”paani piyogi”…because i ask her the same when she is thirsty…:) Similary, if she wanted me to lift and place her somewhere, she would say..”yahan bithaogi..”….she would go towards the edge of the bed and say..”girjaogi”..:)

4. Touch wood, but I am amazed at my kid’s memory and retention power. She remembers everything! My cousin had come to stay with us in July, he left sometime around mid August. He left his bathroom slippers here as they were very broken and his bags were already full. Around a week back, K while passing near the shoe rack, suddenly said..”Shachi mama..Shachi mama..”. Husband who was also with her, was surprised to note that, she was actually looking at his slippers and saying that. I was amazed, at how much she had observed and how much of that she had actually retained!

She actually surprises us many times by her retaining capacity. One day around 20 days back, I was busy talking to a friend on phone. K was playing on the bed near me, and I noticed that she was singing the complete first line of the folk song which her daadi use to sing to her when she was like 10-11 months old! Now, the fact is that her daadi use to sing this song in Kumaoni (which is my husband’s native tongue). For the past few months, I was singing the same song to her in Garhwali, which is my native tongue. The songs though have the same tune, the words are entirely different. However, she remembered the Kumaoni version and sang it verbatim, the first line…

“Ghugooti Baasuti..Aam ka cha, baad mein cha”

It was amazing, such a small kid remembering what was sung to her like months back..:) Now she can even say few lines from between the song.

5. “Mein kaa hun” is her favourite game. That is peekaboo. She hides behind anything and everything she can find and starts a non stop cycle of “mee kaa hun..” Sometimes she even stands behind a glass door and would start the game, even though both of us can clearly see each other..:D My sis and bro were so tied of this game when I was at home few days back…they would say..”K, pls humein maaf kar do..”..:D

6. She now knows her complete name- that is with her surname..:) When asked, aapka poora naam kya hai..she says it in such a cute way, its adorable. Infact, the other day, she was looking at husband’s I Card, which has his photo, and she said..papa puitha (their surname’s K version)..:D

..to be contd..

I had decided to write another post in continuation, but since anyway no one is reading these posts, I thought, might as well add to this post.

7. My latest worry however is that my daughter has started differentiating between tastes and refuses to eat anything regular. All she wants every day is paneer, cake, biscuits, fruits, cheese. regular food like daal chawal, sabzi, roti are totally a no no…:( I am absolutely worried because of this. I am just hoping that this is a passing phase and soon she will be back to her normal self, always happy and ready to eat anything!

8. Today I also went to see a neighbourhood play school for K. I had heard good reviews about it. However, after my visit I was quite disappointed. The play school is situated in the basement of a house, and that was enough to put me off! I plan to visit a couple of more place tomorrow, hopefully will find something decent in a couple of days.

9. And I cannot stop writing about how my baby is now making complete comprehensible sentences..:)…Today she said- “Ab nightsuit pehnenge”..:) yesterday, after she was in her night dress, it got wet because she sill water on it while drinking….she immediately said- “doosra night suit pehnenge..”..:) I wish I could record all of her sentences here….

Here a couple of pictures of my sweetheart…



20140525_201705 20140425_080412


2 thoughts on “K turns 18 months

  1. Aww. she sounds adorable. I am thoroughly fascinated by kids her age. Their rapid learning and development intrigues me. How they perceive and process all the information, and how they learn is so interesting to watch. Big hugs to little K!

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