My father is a very handsome man. I know all fathers are in the eyes of their daughters, but my dad is a good looking man. I wish if I or any of us siblings had got his greenish blue eyes or his absolutely fair complexion. For someone who does not know him, he may easily come across as someone from the western part of the world. Our childhood is filled with incidents, where our cousins’ friends, my mom’s students would mistake him for someone from abroad and innocently inquire from us. He is 65 now, the neck has trooped a bit because of spondylitis, and has started coloring his hair with henna. While he still looks great, I was totally zapped to locate this picture of his in an old album few days back…:)

With a perfectly chiselled jawline, sharp features and carefully done hair, I am sure he must have had a huge female fan following back in those days. This picture was taken when he had just finished BSc and taken admission in MA in Jodhpur. He tells me that since he had put so much effort for this photograph, wearing all suit and tie, he used this picture for a long time, even in his first job etc. He had the negative and would develop it each time a passport size picture was needed. While people say that I resemble him a lot (there were times when people would recognize me as his daughter, just by my sheer resemblance to him), I still wish if the resemblance was slightly more and I had got his eye colour too..:) 


love you a lot papa..:)


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