K Updates

Its been a long time since I wrote about K. She will turn 1.5 years next month, and is a super cure toddler these days!

She is doing good on her developmental milestones. She is becoming intelligent and smart with every passing day. Though she cannot construct full sentences till now, but she can understand almost all of what is spoken to her, in simple words ofcourse. She also tries to combines few words and associate stuff she knows. Like, the other day I bought her a book of numbers and colors with Chota Bheem as the theme. In that a character was wearing a tiara. The moment I asked her, what is this…she immediately said..Kaauun (Crown) and then started singing Pukki Taat Pukki Taat (Pussy Cat pussy cat), as the queen in the picture there is also wearing a crown! I was very surprised at the level of associations she could make.

She is fond of eating. Whenever asked, “Tum Kya Khaoge” (what will you eat), her immediate reply is..cyaake…(cake)!! She has seen pictures of her bday cake on my phone and is very fond of it. Infact, whenever she eats something she really likes, cake, or a chocolate or icecream on a rare occasion, she makes it  a point to say- achcha!!  She never says achcha to the regular food she gets everyday….:)

She loves her bath time, the moment i take her towards the bathroom for anything..she immediately starts..nhaai nhaai…I am glad that she likes playing with water.

K is very fond of her dadaaji. Since she speaks to her dadaaji through husband’s phone, everytime any call comes on that phone she thinks its her daadaji, and starts shouting daaji daadaji. One day before going to sleep, she started crying and wanted to speak to daadaji. Since it was het sleep time and I wanted to put her to bed without any delay, I told her that I will sing a dadaaji song for her. She liked the idea and clung to me, and I started singing some random song with dadaaji in it. Then she demanded..doggy..doggy..as doggy is her other favourite thing. So I included doggy also in  the song and it became a dadaaji doggy song. From that day it has become a kind of game. She tells me a word which she likes..like fountain (phontain)..or paani…and I am suppose to sing a song with those words in it. This has become a sleep time ritual. She clings to me, and starts her song on demand program. She will say..phontain..and i start with the fountain song..then she switches over to something else..and i keep singing those songs…Her maid sang- Maiyya Yashoda Ye tera Kanhaiyya for her one day..from that day onwards, Maaiyaa..Maiyyaa…has become kind of favourite…but I like this fun game of making songs with her favourite words..:) Though I keep the tune same..I use words in all possible manners I can think of..:)

She has figured out that our cook’s main job is in the kitchen and fridge. So today when she came..K started tamaatam, tamaatam..lauki lauki..:D It was so funny!! Tamatam is her favourite thing to eat…she jumps at the fridge the moment she sees someone opening it, and tries to pull the vegetable tray outside with full force to grab a tomato and run!!

We got a wing for her a few days back. She was so delighted that she spent most of her waking hours in the swing for 2-3 days. Then she realized that this thing is here to stay and is not going anywhere. her enthusiasm has died down now, and the craze for the swing is all gone…

K has a set of blocks which were gifted to her by a cousin of mine. Now they are of various shapes and colours. So one day when my sister in law was trying to explain the colours to K, she somehow picked up that round is green. We did not notice it then, till one day when going through one of her books, i showed her circles of various colors, and she kept saying “geen..geen..geen”. I was a bit surprised, as to why is she saying green for every colour, till later one day I saw her referring to some random circle as green..it was then I reaiized that she thinks round shape= green..:D Kids are funny!

She also puts her dolls, teddy bears to sleep by singing songs to them..and the song is-” chotta baby choja..chotta baby choja..” the way K pats their back while singing this can actually make any sleeping animal get up and take notice!

I do not let K watch TV. We do not have an ipad, so the only other devices from where she can consume video content is our phones and laptops. Thankfully, laptops are always out of her reach, but I am yet to figure out a way to keep her away from phones. No she knows that she can get videos on phone. So i sometime show her, her own recorded videos, and she calls herself bhaiyya..:O However, to keep her glued to her potty seat and make her get habitual to it, I play this video when during her poo time…Now, whenever she has to poo..she comes to me saying…mamaa..mamaa…chubui..chubui…:D

I like this video too..:)



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