My father is a very handsome man. I know all fathers are in the eyes of their daughters, but my dad is a good looking man. I wish if I or any of us siblings had got his greenish blue eyes or his absolutely fair complexion. For someone who does not know him, he may easily come across as someone from the western part of the world. Our childhood is filled with incidents, where our cousins’ friends, my mom’s students would mistake him for someone from abroad and innocently inquire from us. He is 65 now, the neck has trooped a bit because of spondylitis, and has started coloring his hair with henna. While he still looks great, I was totally zapped to locate this picture of his in an old album few days back…:)

With a perfectly chiselled jawline, sharp features and carefully done hair, I am sure he must have had a huge female fan following back in those days. This picture was taken when he had just finished BSc and taken admission in MA in Jodhpur. He tells me that since he had put so much effort for this photograph, wearing all suit and tie, he used this picture for a long time, even in his first job etc. He had the negative and would develop it each time a passport size picture was needed. While people say that I resemble him a lot (there were times when people would recognize me as his daughter, just by my sheer resemblance to him), I still wish if the resemblance was slightly more and I had got his eye colour too..:) 


love you a lot papa..:)


K Updates

Its been a long time since I wrote about K. She will turn 1.5 years next month, and is a super cure toddler these days!

She is doing good on her developmental milestones. She is becoming intelligent and smart with every passing day. Though she cannot construct full sentences till now, but she can understand almost all of what is spoken to her, in simple words ofcourse. She also tries to combines few words and associate stuff she knows. Like, the other day I bought her a book of numbers and colors with Chota Bheem as the theme. In that a character was wearing a tiara. The moment I asked her, what is this…she immediately said..Kaauun (Crown) and then started singing Pukki Taat Pukki Taat (Pussy Cat pussy cat), as the queen in the picture there is also wearing a crown! I was very surprised at the level of associations she could make.

She is fond of eating. Whenever asked, “Tum Kya Khaoge” (what will you eat), her immediate reply is..cyaake…(cake)!! She has seen pictures of her bday cake on my phone and is very fond of it. Infact, whenever she eats something she really likes, cake, or a chocolate or icecream on a rare occasion, she makes it  a point to say- achcha!!  She never says achcha to the regular food she gets everyday….:)

She loves her bath time, the moment i take her towards the bathroom for anything..she immediately starts..nhaai nhaai…I am glad that she likes playing with water.

K is very fond of her dadaaji. Since she speaks to her dadaaji through husband’s phone, everytime any call comes on that phone she thinks its her daadaji, and starts shouting daaji daadaji. One day before going to sleep, she started crying and wanted to speak to daadaji. Since it was het sleep time and I wanted to put her to bed without any delay, I told her that I will sing a dadaaji song for her. She liked the idea and clung to me, and I started singing some random song with dadaaji in it. Then she doggy is her other favourite thing. So I included doggy also in  the song and it became a dadaaji doggy song. From that day it has become a kind of game. She tells me a word which she fountain (phontain)..or paani…and I am suppose to sing a song with those words in it. This has become a sleep time ritual. She clings to me, and starts her song on demand program. She will say..phontain..and i start with the fountain song..then she switches over to something else..and i keep singing those songs…Her maid sang- Maiyya Yashoda Ye tera Kanhaiyya for her one day..from that day onwards, Maaiyaa..Maiyyaa…has become kind of favourite…but I like this fun game of making songs with her favourite words..:) Though I keep the tune same..I use words in all possible manners I can think of..:)

She has figured out that our cook’s main job is in the kitchen and fridge. So today when she came..K started tamaatam, tamaatam..lauki lauki..:D It was so funny!! Tamatam is her favourite thing to eat…she jumps at the fridge the moment she sees someone opening it, and tries to pull the vegetable tray outside with full force to grab a tomato and run!!

We got a wing for her a few days back. She was so delighted that she spent most of her waking hours in the swing for 2-3 days. Then she realized that this thing is here to stay and is not going anywhere. her enthusiasm has died down now, and the craze for the swing is all gone…

K has a set of blocks which were gifted to her by a cousin of mine. Now they are of various shapes and colours. So one day when my sister in law was trying to explain the colours to K, she somehow picked up that round is green. We did not notice it then, till one day when going through one of her books, i showed her circles of various colors, and she kept saying “geen..geen..geen”. I was a bit surprised, as to why is she saying green for every colour, till later one day I saw her referring to some random circle as was then I reaiized that she thinks round shape= green..:D Kids are funny!

She also puts her dolls, teddy bears to sleep by singing songs to them..and the song is-” chotta baby choja..chotta baby choja..” the way K pats their back while singing this can actually make any sleeping animal get up and take notice!

I do not let K watch TV. We do not have an ipad, so the only other devices from where she can consume video content is our phones and laptops. Thankfully, laptops are always out of her reach, but I am yet to figure out a way to keep her away from phones. No she knows that she can get videos on phone. So i sometime show her, her own recorded videos, and she calls herself bhaiyya..:O However, to keep her glued to her potty seat and make her get habitual to it, I play this video when during her poo time…Now, whenever she has to poo..she comes to me saying…mamaa..mamaa…chubui..chubui…:D

I like this video too..:)


Random Thoughts

Just some random thoughts and happenings-

1. My maid is not well for past few days. Since I work from home, I have this female who comes at 8 in the morning and stays till 8 in the evening. Her job is to play with K and keep her occupied, when I am working. So she plays with her toys, plays hide and seek with her, and in general is K’s companion during the day. Though, that is a different matter altogether, that K comes to my desk every 15 minutes to check if mommy is still there, and wants my attention for some time, before I can go back to work. Rather some days, she just refuses to be with the maid, and would hover around me. I just keep my work aside and spend time with her. This results in me working after she has gone to sleep at night, so that next day I have lighter work load and I can be around her during day time. Thanks to the fact, that this job is not very high pressure, and I am mildly burdened most days.

However, since the day maid is on leave, K has made it impossible for me to work. She is so use to playing with someone, that the moment I sit to work, she would bring all her toys and books one by one to me and ask me to play with her. Unfortunately, an audit came up this week, and I had a crazy time at work. Husband was travelling, so that was an added disadvantage. Anyhow, I realised that I shouted on K a number of times this past week, and repented later, but very difficult to maintain sanity when personal and professional pressures mount together.

Thank God husband is back today, and maid would be back on Monday, so I can look forward to a better week.

2. These days I have a crush on Arnab Goswami!! Yes, you read it correctly..:P He is so hilarious, he makes me laugh every time I watch the news hour. He is just so entertaining. He makes those debate sessions so much fun. He would shout, scream, insult people, dominate ALL debates, put people on mute when they do not stop even after his multiple warnings, pass his judgement on all and sundry, just rip those apart whose point of view he does not agree to..I mean he is such an interesting character!!

After a tiring day at work, listening to his program for an hour can be such a mood lifter! The more frivolous the issue, the more entertaining it is. The other day he had called some people to debate on the issue around Sania Mirza being the brand ambassador of Seemandra/ Telangana…man, it was laugh riot!! Arnab was at his dramatic best. I was literally rofl!! Hilarious is the word!! Some guy called Prem Shukla who has a weird voice and a weirder accent would just not stop…he was giving some lame arguments, which Arnab of course could not tolerate. Our dear anchor, just lost it that day. He looked so hurt that with his decibel levels touching 0 one moment and a million the next, I was afraid he would collapse there on the table listening to the idiot that Shukla guy was. It was better than any saas bahu drama.

These days I listen to him for at least half an hour every day…:D

3. I changed my blog theme today. I am always confused between these two things- sticking to one theme forever, or experimenting with a new one every once in a while. The first one gives the blog a sense of stability and maturity; however personally I like my blog theme changed every 2-3 months as I get quite bored of the same header and background after some time. So I listened to my heart today, and changed the theme. I am really liking this one. I plan to modify the header image after some days, if I get a better picture than this one.

4. These days I am experiencing a difficult time reading books. We have so many books lying unread, but I do not feel like picking even a single one of them . The only genre which interests me these days is humour. I finished reading Karachi- You are Killing Me– few days back. It was a humorous pacey novel by a Pakistani writer. However, somehow I am not being able to locate many humour writings off late. I searched in a few book reviews but nothing caught my fancy. Pls do recommend some good books- light reads mainly, if you happen to land here.

5. I bought Rakhi for my brother few days back. I thought I will send it by courier. However, today I realised that the festival is after two days and the Rakhi is still lying in my drawer. So, as a last minute act, I ordered an online Rakhi for him. Its basically an order for a Kaju Katli ka dabba, which if delivered on Rakhsbandhan would be accompanied by a free Rakhi!! yes…so hopefully, my Rakhi will reach bro on time..

6. Janamashthami is on the 18th of Aug. This time I am planning to dress up K for the festival. Last time, we did not even go to visit any temple of jhanki, since K was hardly 5 months, and we did not want to visit any crowded place with her, due to fear of infection. But this time my sister would be here, and I am hoping we can at least have some fun! Though I have an audit submission on the 19th, but still..lets see..

7. Sister is coming to India on the 13th. She is expecting and her delivery is due in Feb next year. She is not keeping very well, so has decided to come to India to stay with mum for sometime. She will spend around 10 days here with me before heading home. Just now she sent me this pic. This would be K’s first doll, and I am so excited…:)

She would be thrilled to have it!!


Gaane Anjaane

There are certain things which lift up my mood in a second. Good music, nice earrings, pretty dupattas and well fitting skirts are few of them!

There was a time when I would spend hours listening to my favourite songs in a loop! Every day of the time, every season of the year and every phase of life was marked by some songs. I would listen to music all the time, new, old all kinds of songs, mainly bollywood numbers filled my mind and collection. A good song would just take away all my worries away and transport me to a different world altogether. For those 4-5 minutes while listening to a song I would be like floating in air, lighter in head and happy in soul. If I remove the time I have spent till now listening to songs, I guess I would have removed 1/3rd of my time on earth!! Such is the mood lift which songs do to me. However, now i do not have the luxury to have music around me all the time. I cannot afford to sit in a place and listen to my favourite numbers back to back. Infact. I come to know of songs, only after they have penetrated well enough and are being talked about a lot. Then also, there is no time to sit and enjoy a melody. Now, the only kind of music which plays in the house is kids’ rhymes and bollywood numbers with chanda, and lakdi ki kaathi in it. While K is very fond of music, she has only developed taste for these kind of songs till now. Whenever I try to sing any other bollywood number to her, she immediately switches to eeaa eea oo…indicating that pls change the song and get me my rhymes!!

Anyway, so now that I am talking about songs, I would share some of my favourite songs which I can associate with a time period in my life and which still remind of that phase when I use to listen to them…

These song from Khamoshi and Masoom, were my constant companion during my class 10, way back in 1996. Khamoshi had released that year, and I spent the whole summers listening to the melodious songs back to back. I loved this one:

Then during the winters when it was time for pre-boards and crazy studies, I saw Masoom on Doordarshan one day and got hooked to the songs. Tujhse Naraaz Nahi Zindagi would play on my system back to back. I so love this song…Another song which caught my ears from this movie was – Huzoor Is Kadar Bhi Na itra ke chaliye… I love the poetic way in which it is sung. I remember, I use to study whole night during the later part of the year, and would keep listening to these songs.

KKHH released in 1998. I was in 12th, again the year of board examinations. The day I saw the promo on TV, I rushed to buy the audio cassette. I still remember going to visit my mother, when she was teaching in some junior class and asking for money to buy the album. We were the senior most class, and would get free after 6th or 7th period. I wanted to rush to the music store on my way back home and buy the cassette. The album was released by Sony Music and costed around INR 60, which was expensive during those days. I loved the title track of the movie. I must have listened to it innumerable times during that one year.Till today when I listen to this song, I am transported back to my class 12 days.

Engineering days cannot be complete with music. Those 4 years were spent doing only two things. Listening to music and talking to friends in hostel rooms. While there are many songs which mark my engineering years, this particular album- Mujhse Dosti Karoge somehow has stayed back in my mind from those days. We were in final year I guess when this movie released. It was raining cats and dogs in Jhansi, where I was studying, and the songs of MDK would play on my system back to back. I still remember listening to Jaane Dil Mein Kab Se Hai…on a loop in my dingy corner room, which would stink of dampness due to excess water everywhere, with a light bulb on throughout the day!

The first year was dedicated to old songs. We were crazy about songs from Kabhie Kabhie. I guess that was the first time I listened to the song- Tere Chehre Se..and have been a fan ever since. I just love the energy and passion in this song. It invariably takes me back to the winters of first year of engg, when we would all sit in a friend’s room and savour these melodies. While all the song sin the album are fantastic, this one is my personal favourite.

Another album which I exploited big time was a collection of old Kishore Kumar numbers- which had- Maana Janaab Ne Pukaara Nahi- in it. I simply loved the song. Would play this all the time…

The year after engineering was dedicated to radio. We did not have a TV or a personal laptop/ desktop. Every night before sleeping I would listen to radio for like half an hour. They played old hindi songs, and somehow I noticed they played this song from Aandhi almost every alternate day. This song is my favourite since then. Whenever I listen to it I go back to the days of that rented place in Noida and the cool summery nights. This song is my peace song. It reminds me of the disciplined life of my first job, when I would go to bed by 10-10 30 pm, live a simple life with limited means and enjoy the simpler things in life, like listening to radio in low volume in a dark room, before dozing off for the day…

MBA followed this phase. The two years there were also full of music. Every single minute that I was in my room, music would be on my my system. I remember listening to Tamil songs as well. I discovered some amazing songs by Rehman, and this one in particular which I simply love…It takes me back to the best phase of my life- My post-graduation days. I love Rehman’s music, but more than that I guess I love his voice. Divine!! And of course I love Surya!! This song is very special to me. It is associated with the golden period of my life…

Another song in Tamil/ Telegu which I listened day in and out is this…A friend from Andhra suggested that I watch Ghajini. I watched the movie with subtitles and totally loved it. WHile all songs were good, but this particular one got stuck in my head. I would listen to it back to back for days altogether….

Then the songs of Rang De Basanti. The movie came out sometime in our first year, and the songs were a rage. I remember listening to Ru-Baru all the time..One of the singers also came in our annual cultural fest. He sang few lines of the above song on stage, and you could hear the crowd going crazy!!..There were 3-4 “once more” sessions, and he had to eventually say that he would have loved to carry on the whole night but the campus had restrictions of 11pm deadline!!

I have many many more songs to compile as part of this list…but let us consider this as part one and stop here for today…And then there are- dupattas, earring and skirts also to talk about..:)