K Updates

This is a long pending post. I have been wanting to record K’s latest developments here, but somehow could not get into the frame of mind to jot down everything at one place.

K will turn 16 months on 20th of this month. She is getting interesting and clever with every passing day. She now understand instructions to a great extent, like when told to go and close the door or bring her book of rhymes, or pick up something and give to aunty/ papa, she understands most of what is told to her. Her vocabulary has also grown manifold and now she even combines words to form small sentences. Like she has started saying- papa gaye, or aunty aa jao…or thanda paani…infact few days back she also said a complete sentence..nanaji..kaaiype aajo (naanaji skyepe par aa jao). I think by the time she is 1.5 years old, she would be making fairly coherent sentences.

She knows all her rhymes now. I bought a book of rhymes for her, which she used so much that it was torn into bits in a month. I have brought the same book for her again. She knows the rhymes by the pictures in them. Following is her version of rhymes:

Hot Cross Buns is hau kau bun..

Twinkle Twinkle is Tukkal tukkal

London bridge is..phoi daun phoi daun…

Pussy Cat Pussy Cat is..pukki tat pukki tat

Ba ba black sheep is..Ba ba ba ba

Georgie Porgie Pudding and pie is…poggi poggi…

One two buckle my shoe is..won two wan two…

Humpty Dumpty is dumpy dumpy…

Its fun to see her saying these rhymes…:)

She now also knows what Skype is. I am amazed sometimes at the intelligence these kids display. They can catch anything and everything we say. We speak to our parents over Skype. Suddenly one day K started saying, bua..kaaiype..nanaji..kaaiype….she had noticed that we call people and then we speak to them and can also see them..:) She was no more satisfied with mere phone calls, she wanted to graduate to Skype permanently…:)

Now she brings my phone and starts saying- kaaiyepe..kaaiyepe..:)

She loves kharbooj and tarbooj (watermelon). Whenever someone asks her, Kya khaoge…her first reply is khabooj. She can have kharbooj anytime anywhere. The moment someone mentions kharbooj..she goes and stands in front of the fridge and starts saying khabooj khabooj..:) so these days i use the word watermelon when i have to direct my maid to wash or cut the fruit and keep in fridge..:D

Yesterday, i asked my maid to take her outside and play with her. I said- “Aap baahar jaake ise khila lijiye thora”..K immediately jumped..”khabooj..khaooj..khabooj..”..she thought I was asking the maid to give her something to eat…:D

When asked ..K aaj aapne kya khaya..(what did you eat today?)…she says..cakke!! She has never eaten cake..only seen it in pictures…but she is already a fan of cake. When told…no, you did not have cake..what did you have?..the next answer is chokate!!..(chocolate)



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