FB- Deaddiction

I am off Facebook. I deactivated my account few days back. I think the account will be deleted in 14 days. Like many others i had become kind of FB addict. I would spend a lot of my time online on Facebook. Not that i was too much into posting stuff, but I would spend a lot of time browsing through profiles of people on my friend’s list, in their friend list and so on! It was such a wastage of time. With a full time job and a baby to take care of, I realized that I cannot afford the luxury of wasting my time on non productive activities like FB. However, I cannot say that I am unaffected by the move. When a click any good picture these days, the first thought which comes to mind is, will put it on FB..and then I realize that I can no longer do so. And then a train of thought starts…it suddenly feels weird, that now no one will know, that I had this awesome moment which I have just captured in my camera! What will I do with it if I am not going to share it on FB and tell the whole world…It seemed weird. Because for a long time now, pictures were clicked with the sole intention of uploading them on FB, in expectation of likes and comments. I feel a void suddenly. It seems that I am isolated..I am not connected to anyone…no one will know what I am upto….it feels like a disconnected life!! yes, I know this is abnormal, and to get rid of this abnormality only I decided to quit FB. This constant need to peep into others people’s life and subconscious comparisons with batch mates and colleagues were not doing even an iota of good to me. For a person of my maturity, I would need to attain nirvana to be in a state where I am on a social networking site and not affected by any of the happenings there. So, I decided to quit. Good part is, when the said train of thoughts ends, I feel relieved. I am no longer bothered about a good or a bad picture…I no longer have to feel bad because of that old classmate from LKG who was a bhondu in class, but is touring the world now! I no longer have to feel depressed about my mundane marriage life where my husband does not surprises me with cushions printed with our pictures on our anniversary!! I no longer have to feel like a loser reading about some random senior from college doing cross country marathons along with a full time job and two kids to look after! Basically, I can live a life which is not constantly being compared with others..in my head of course!! I am still getting used to it…but i know I am not going back to FB any time soon.

I have already started to realize the benefits of staying away from it. I clearly have more time on hand. Even if I spend that time online, I can spend it on stuff which actually adds some value to me and gives me happiness, like- writing more often on my blog or reading something I really like…or just arranging K’s pics in order and selecting the ones which I want to get printed in hard copy. Anything is better than spending time aimlessly peeping into random people’s lives and then feeling miserable about my own!

Husband is already off FB for quite sometime now. He spends his free time mostly reading either on net or a book. I had quit FB earlier also, i guess three years back. But such was the temptation of wasting time and energy on keeping myself updated with happenings of others life that I returned to the site after barely a month!! But this time things look a bit different and better. I do not see myself committing the same mistake again. Wish me luck and hope this wisdom prevails!!

Song on my mind right now…


3 thoughts on “FB- Deaddiction

  1. I have been off fb more than a year and it is a bliss..indeed I think I wasted so much time on it.
    It feels awkward for a week or so and then ots just normal. .
    All the best with it..
    And that was a lovely song..

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