I spoke to my best friend S after a long time yesterday. It was a long phone call which lasted for one and a half hour. She is my soul sister. I guess the person I am most compatible with in this world. We connect like anything. We understand each other so well, that I can speak to her about anything under the sun, with full assurance that I am being understood completely. I can talk to her without the fear of being judged. I am blessed to have someone in my life who I can speak to as if I am speaking to myself. When she was in India we would speak like almost everyday. Now the phone calls are much spaced, but whenever we need each other, we make sure that we are available for each other.

Yesterday was one such day. S called and i knew she wanted to discuss something. And that something was mid life crises, which she is going through these days. Surprisingly I am also going through something similar, so it was kind of not very difficult to understand what she was saying. We discussed at length about her thoughts, her feelings, stuff troubling her etc…in the course of the conversation many queries got answered, many new cropped up, her doubts got cleared, and as the conversation flowed, some of my thoughts were re-assured and echoed and  .. eventually we both ended the conversation feeling lighter by tones! I guess my wisdom and ideas are at their best while speaking to her. Even I am surprised by my own piece of advice and analysis of things when I speak to her. That is my analytical best! I am never so sure and clear in my views and thoughts except when talking to her. It amazes me…seriously!

No matter what the problem is, it has never happened that any of us has come out of a discussion, empty handed. The problems do not necessarily get solved, but just speaking to each other gives us the much needed peace of mind and hope! Same happened yesterday. I would not want to write what all we discussed, but the fact that she was much relieved after speaking to me makes it all worth.

This year November, it would be 10 years of knowing S. We met at my first job way back in Nov 2004. We did not interact much in the beginning and did not like each other instantly, but I remember one day while taking a stroll after lunch on the office terrace we had a conversation wherein some serious stuff was discussed, and bang! I knew i had found a friend for life! The friendship became stronger only after that. Though we were hardly in the same city when she was in India, but we were always in touch. I miss her immensely today as she is in the US, and the time difference coupled with our individual responsibilities towards family/ work has made it difficult to call each other as frequently as we would have wanted. But then, as time has passed I have realized that after a certain point in time you do not make new friends who can get very close to you. Its just the old friendships, that too the ones which you really believe in, which survive the test of time which remain. I am so thankful to God, that I have such a friend and I hope to maintain this friendship for life!


2 thoughts on “Friend

  1. I found that out when i moved to uk, it was so hard to make friends.. because i had a set mind of what nad how friends should be .. people are clever and think from Mind unlike the likes of me 🙂 but thankfully after spending a decade in this country now.. I have a couple of friends who are close and we can depend on each other if need be ..

    GOd bless you both 🙂 and take care .. mid life crisis.. hmmmm well I like to think I am going to live for 200 years so mid life will be sometime when i am 100 and that is long long way to go yet 🙂 so why think of it …

    all the best

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