Ek chakke ke…

I had read about Bushra Ansari sometime back. She is a very famous, versatile and talented performed from Pakistan, who is known for her comic , mimicry, writing and singing. Yesterday, while browsing through you tube, i found this video.

This is a parody on the 1986 Australasia Cup final in Sharjah. it was a match between India- Pakistan which Pakistan won, by a sixer hit by Javed Miandad on the last ball.

I had heard about this match through my father many a times. He use to tell how 4 balls were needed from the last ball, Chetan Sharma was the baller and Javed Miandad hit a six on a full toss by Chetan Sharma and won the match for Pakistan. I can imagine, what an exciting watch it must have been!

This is a parody on some Salma Agha song by Bushra Ansari on the praise and gifts showered on Javed Miandad after he returned to Pakistan and the ordinary treatment given to his partner at the time of that six- Tauseef Ahmed. I loved it!! One of the best parodies.


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