From across the border…

Zindagi is the new channel started by Zee. It is airing Pakistani dramas (serials are called drama in Pakistan) these days, which have already been a hit back there. I saw a couple of episodes of one, and given my craze for good TV programmes, I immediately googled and in turn You Tubed all the episodes and finished the most popular one among them in two days straight! The drama is called Zindagi Gulzaar Hai.

Yes, it matched the hyped around it and I really liked the story and execution. Then, on google’s recommendation, I found another famous drama with the same actor in lead- Humsafar, and watched this too back to back. I loved it.

It made me very happy that Pakistan TV is far superior in terms of quality of production. They are still making good dramas which not only have a solid story, but it is also backed by superb acting, direction, programming and not to forget- amazing dialogues! Both the dramas quoted above are brilliant when it comes to content and dialogues. The characters are believable, there situations seem real, the context seems relevant, and the execution is seamless. I do not even want to compare them to the crap we are being served on Indian channels in name of daily soaps!

Zindagi Gulzaar Hai is a story of two people with very strong personality who come from opposite strata of society and fall in love with each other. How they eventually overcome their insecurities and settle down for good. The male lead is played by the very charming actor- Fawad Khan, who apparently will also be seen with Sonam Kapoor in her next film- Khoobsoorat (God save him!), and the female lead is Sanam Saeed– a very fresh looking girl, who apparently is also a singer and a VJ, and has sung in Coke Studio too. The supporting cast is brilliant, every actor has done justice to the character- be it the main leads or the other actors. The dialogues are so good that it seems as if you are watching someone within your close circle speak. I specially loved the character of Sanam’s mother, played by Sameena Peerzada. She has played the character with such poise and grace, that you feel a breath of fresh air every time she appears on screen. Such calmness she displays in her act, I totally loved her. In short, a much recommended watch for those who like watching good content on TV.

Humsafar also has Fawad Khan in main lead, along with Mahira Khan, who is so beautiful, that its difficult to keep eyes off her when she is on screen. This drama is to be watched purely for its romance content!! The chemistry between the lead pair is sizzling! The romance is so beautiful that by the end of it, you start to believe that that they should be a couple in real life too! Fawad Khan is a brilliant actor and once again, the dialogues are written very well.

Dhoop Kinare was the first Pakistani drama that I watched. This was like 2 years ago. I came to know about it through newspaper, as some guy called Kamlesh Pandey, was remaking it for Indian audience by the name- Kuch To Log Kahenge. After watching the original, which was a classic in true sense of the word, I also spent some of my precious hours watching the remake on Sony. It was a disaster to say the least. They had converted a beautiful love story into a daily soap, by making a mockery of the soul of the story. It was artificial and bad! No wonder, because of the poor TRPs the show was eventually moved to a late night slot!

I am so glad, that this time no one is making any fake copies. We are being served the original masterpieces with the soul intact. thanks Zee for introducing us to good quality entertainment. Would love to watch more such shows from across the border!

Ah, I cannot end this post without mentioning what a beautiful language Urdu is! I simply love the poetry like words it has…a beautiful word for everything. I so want to learn the script!



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