K Updates

I had documented these snippets in my mail as drafts. I am collating them here to maintain a record of K’s activities and achievements as she grows..:)

8th April 2014

Today K said her name very clearly for the first time…earlier she use to say kaava kaava…but today she very clearly said..Kavya. Few days back I was totally surprised when husband picked up his laptop bag to leave and she started crying to go to hi. The moment he picked her up, she turned towards me and said..bayee..bayee…It was as if she absolutely understood that now they are leaving and since mommy is not going so…say bayee to her…she surprised me…intelligent baby…:)

28th April 2014

K has started sleeping through the night. .for past few days she does not get up for her 3 am milk…its such a relief!!
Also she has started saying..paapi..paapi…when she has to poo. Not always…but I guess in few days she will start telling properly…yesterday while going to Saket Citiwalk..she crapped in her diaper and started saying..paapi…paapi…I checked and discovered that she was actually trying to communicate the truth!! paapi was there…!
She is also pro at drinking water from the glass now. When she is thirsty, she does not spill even a drop of water…milk however is still an issue…she drinks enthusiastically for the first few sips and then looses interest…her milk intake is a bit reduced because of that.
She has become camera conscious also. The other day when I was making a video of her…she looked at the camera and started giving attentive performance as if knowing that something of importance is happening.
She can stack up the rings in the stack now and is totally thrilled with her rings. Another of her favorite game is playing with a set of blocks. Though she still cannot make out shapes and colors, she tries to put them vertically to make a building; unsuccessfully though, but her enthusiasm is intact.
The part I am most happy about is that her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. She is amazingly quick at picking up words and is adding quite a few words to her vocab every day! Here is a list of words that form a part of her vocabulary:
Mimmi (Mommy)
Paapi (Potty)
Chuchu (Susu)
Nanani (Nanaji)
Dojjy (doggy)
Kaat (Cat)
Bow bow
Pitapa (Pajama)
Baa baa (baal)
Kip (clip)
Papayi (paani)
Favach (flower)
Bikit (biscuit)
Khakha (khana)
Diyaa (daliya)
Toti (roti)
Ca shee…(car seat)
Keeya.. (kela)

Today- 15th May 2014

The best part is K is in love with her books. She has a rhymes book which she simply loves. She has also identifying quite a few rhymes with the pictures along with them. She knows which one is ba ba black sheep, hicky dicky (hickory dickory), she loves London Bridge, and starts dancing everytime I read it to her…:)

In general the girl is turning out to be a book lover. She likes her books of animals and faavuch (flowers)..:) I am glad she likes books…:)

She has also started trying to make a complete sentence, though only 2-3 words now, ..like paayi dedo. I think in another month or so she should be able to construct a complete sentence on her own..)

We have been successfully able to get her off bottle. She is bottle free now and takes all her liquids from a tumbler or a katori. Though her milk intake has gone down post this as she does not like drinking milk from a glass, but I am compensating that by feeding her curd and other milk based items.

Kids grow so fast…just last year at this time, I was in middle of this huge breast feeding fiasco. K was this tiny creature lying on bed all the time…smiling sometimes but mostly only eating, pooping and sleeping…and now she is here, a 1+ year bubbly, naughty toddler, her preferences getting defined…roaming around the house all the time, amusing us all the time with her antics all the time…:)


Makaan ki upari manzil pe…

My journey on A to Z blogging challenge stopped at R. I did not have a laptop during the second half of the month, and typing a post on my smartphone everyday was very complicated. So, with much disappointment my run in the marathon ended with post with R.

I am yet to finish a blogging challenge to completion. Hopefully that will be soon.

I celebrated my 33rd birthday this Saturday. Yes, I am 33 years old now, and I really can not believe it! I am nowhere close to the maturity a person approaching mid thirties should display. Where did all the time go? Sometimes I feel depressed that the youth is coming to an end. Honestly, apart from my health, which is showing signs of aging, everything else is same in my head like it was a few years ago. Time is flying and flying very fast!!

On 10th May there was a poetry recital session by Gulzar in Delhi. We were lucky to get two tickets booked for the show and attended the event. This was my birthday gift!! A long awaited wish of mine came true when I saw the legend in person! Oh his voice!! I can listen to him reciting his poems, or rather for that matter anything in his divine voice, all my life, without complaining. I just love Gulzar sa’ab. And I am so thankful to God, that i got a chance to attend this event. He recited some very beautiful compositions of his, and also one of my favourite:

I read somewhere, (on another fan’s blog) that he can be termed Ghalib of this age, and I cannot but agree with him. From where do such beautiful words come to express the simplest of simple things, the way he tells stories through his poetry, the selection of words, the expression of small things in such a deep yet simple way! This man is nothing short of a blessing to mankind of this era. I LOVE him!!

One item of mu wishlist is ticket off. I wish he keeps coming to Delhi, and I keep getting lucky always..:)

I wanted to get a picture clicked with him; but since we had K with us, we rushed out of the auditorium the moment the program finished. Surprisingly K did not cry or got irritated during the whole 1.5 hours we were there. As agreed earlier, husband took her outside the auditorium for half of the session, and for the remaining half, she sat in laps observing the surroundings and clapping enthusiastically when everyone clapped…:)

I am a very satisfied soul right now. This was one of the better birthdays I had in terms of birthday present…:)

Rest, it was a normal day. People called to wish. I was not expecting many friends to call. Those who did was a pleasant surprise. I sometimes think how things change with time. There was a time when I use to be super thrilled on my birthday. I would wait for people to call, at least the closest friends. Now, whoever except family remembers my birthday and calls is like a very pleasant surprise. I really feel great that these people still remember my birthday in their busy lives. In the evening a very good friend called from Singapore. I was surprised to see his call, as he generally calls on weekdays. I was wondering why is he calling me today (My birthday was on Sunday)!! It struck me only when he wished me birthday..:) Things change with time!!

Hope this year is peaceful like the last one, and I excel on the health front! That is all I ask from God..:)