Q is for Queen


Q is for Queen. While I have already done a review of the movie earlier on this blog. There is still something more which I want to say about the movie.  I wish the movie had come earlier, when I had a heartbreak few years back. I sometimes wonder, why did it takes movie makers so long to come out with a story, which shows how things actually should be. Why it is absolutely incorrect to portray love/ relationships as the only goal of a woman’s  life.  Yes, companionship is important, but nothing in this word is important than you! Your happiness. And happiness ideally should not be a function of whether you have a guy in your life or not. If there is one, and you are happy with him, great! Else, finding The One, should not be the sole purpose of life. I believe in marriage very firmly; the companionship aspect of it.  But finding this companion should not be the only reason for one’s existence. Yes, its very very important to have a partner for life time if you believe in having one, but then this is not ALL life is about. Life has many many more facets and exploring them all is what a full life is about. Keep living life, experiencing it, and all good things will happen in good time. And even if they do not, it is not the end. After watching Queen I feel, how wrong were the messages being propelled by even the best of Bollywood films all these years. A guy dumps you, do not worry, happiness will return in the form of another guy! and when its happens, it is The happy ending! Gosh! it sounds so incorrect now. Be it Geet of JWM or Pooja of DTPH, happiness= a man by your side. I am so glad that someone out there decided to write Queen. Thank You so much Mr Story Writer. I hope that we have many more films like this in the coming days and years. Given the tremendous impact Bollywood has in our lives, I am sure the society’s outlook will also change in due course of time.


2 thoughts on “Q is for Queen

    • Its a must must watch!! I am so happy someone came up with this idea for a motion picture. Hopefully the trend is here to stay!

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